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<A Time Called You> is a Netflix original series starring Ahn Hyo-seop, Jeon Yeo-bin, and Kang Hoon. This series is a remake of the popular Taiwanese series <Someday or One day>. As there are many fans of the original series, <A Time Called You> attracted attention as soon as they released it. Despite differing opinions on its resemblance to the original work, the talent of the key actors makes the romance series worth watching. Jeon Yeo-bin, who shows a unique personality in each work she appears in and builds a solid filmography, especially stands out for her acting in dual roles. This work is enough to excite the heart of K-Drama fans by showing good chemistry between Ahn Hyo-seop and Kang Hoon.

<A Time Called You> Information

  • Director: Kim Jin-won
  • Cast: Jeon Yeo-bin, Ahn Hyo-seop, Kang Hoon
  • Release Date:2023
  • Streaming: Netflix original
  • Original Work: CTV <Someday or One day>

<A Time Called You> Review

A Time Called You

Jun-hui lost her lover a year ago. Jun-hui still can’t believe Yeon-jun’s death and is still immersed in sadness. Meanwhile, a mysterious cassette player and a photo arrive at Jun-hui. In the photo, a woman who looks exactly like her is smiling, but she has no memory of taking such a photo. The photo shows a woman who looks exactly like Jun-hui, with Yeon-jun smiling brightly behind her. Jun-hui becomes intrigued by the mystery surrounding the photo. Yeon-jun always carefully celebrated Jun-hui’s birthday. Jun-hui, who spent her birthday without Yeon-jun, leaves a message on his messenger on the bus. Then, when she presses the cassette player, Seo Ji-won’s song <Gather My Tears> plays and Jun-hui closes her eyes.

Netflix original series <A Time Called You> is a romantic drama comprising 12 episodes. It is a remake of the popular Taiwanese series <Someday or One day>, and some say that whether you have seen <Someday or One day> or not. It is said that there are also difference from <Someday or One day>, and those who heterogeneity while watching <A Time Called You>. Personally, I watched < A Time Called You> first without watching <Someday or One day>, so it was a well-made youth romance drama.

Most people who watched <A Time Called You> think that the main characters are not like those in <Someday or One day>. However, I don’t think there is no reason to cast actors with a similar atmosphere to the original. The main actor, Ahn hyo-seop, who was criticized for being too different from the original, may have a different feel from the actor in <Someday or One day>, but he is natural and attractive in the series. He looked overly awkward and shabby while playing his dual roles, which made it difficult to watch the show.. In fact, many people pointed out this.

Unlike typical time slip stories, <A Time Called You> is about the protagonist entering the body of a person who resembles them. For that reason, when watching <A Time Called You>, it is a story that requires you to open your eyes wide and pay attention to who is who and what is happening. It begins with Jun-hui, who misses Yeon-jun, falling a sleep while listening to Seo Ji-won’s <Gather My Tears> on the bus and waking up in the body of a character named Gwon-Min-ju from 1998. When Jun-hui wakes up in 1998, Yeon-jun, whom she ling for so much, stands in front her. However, he is not Yeon-jun, but Nam Si-heon, who lives in 1998.

Someone attacks the body’s owner, Min-ju, causing her to suffer a head injury and be hospitalized. The place where Min-ju waked up is somewhere inside of her own head. The person occupying her is Han Jun-hui from 2023. Min-joo had a quiet and insignificant personality and has no friends, but Jun-hui has an active and sociable personality. After the accident, Min-j00 and Jun-hui wake up from a coma, and their memories are mixed up, and Jun-hui ends up living Min-ju’s life in 1998, where Si-heon, who has the same face as her lover, lives. But soon after, the bus driver wakes Jun-hui up and she returns to 2023.

Upon seeing Si-heon’s identical face to Yeon-jin’s, she becomes determined to uncover their connection. In her quest, she travels back to 1998 but struggles to find a way back to 2023, leading her to stay there temporarily. She lives in 1998 and becomes close friends with Si-heon and In-gyu. In-gyu has continued to like Min-ju, butas he sees Min-ju and Si-heon growing closer, he is torn between friendship and love. On the other hand, Si-heon hesitates getting close to Min-ju because he has to immigrate to the US soon.

While going back and forth between the past and the present, Jun-hui leans that Min-ju will die on Oct 13, 1998. She tries to find the culprit who attacked Min-ju to prevent her death, but returns to the present without being able to identify the culprit. Few years later, Si-heon loses consciousness one day when a bus overturn accident, and the moment his heart stops, he wakes up in Yeon-jun’s body. Si-heon, who became Yeon-jun, learns that Jun-hui’s words that she came from 2023 are true and sets out to find her.

Si-heon, who has become Yeon-jun and is reunited with Jun-hui, but aas the year is not yet 2023, Jun-hui does not recognize Si-heon. Because of Yeon-jun’s constant barrage of affection, the two eventually becomes lovers. So, the person Jun-hui knew as Yeon-jun and loved was Nam Si-heon all along. Until the middle of the show, I keep getting confused who is Nam Si-heon and who is Koo Yeon-jun, but I feel like this part is longer than I thought.

It is frustrating that we have to go through a long, long period of patience before we find out that Koo Yeon-jun, whom Jun-hui loved, who came to visit Jun-hui across time. <A Time Called You> has 12 episodes, and it drags slowly until episode 10, but then suddenly feels like it si being thrown into a tailspin as all the secrets are revealed from the end of episode 10 to episode 12.

If you can endure your curiosity until episode 10, you will be quite immersed from 10 to the end. However, it was still disappointing that the series stretched to only 10 out of 12 episodes. It’s a pretty good youth drama up to the 10th episode, but the fateful relationship is revealed. There are elements that could serve as hints in the middle of the show, but they are not enough to satisfy curiosity or create tension. If you watch it, I recommend holding it and watching it at a steady pace to get a sense of speed.

Despite Jun-hui’s efforts, In-gyu’s attempt to save Min-ju from death is unsuccessful, leading to his imprisonment as the one who killed her. Following his release from prison, he tragically ends his own life upon his grandmother’s death. Si-heon tries to prevent In-gyu’s death. but is cannot defy fate and lets him go. Si-heon wants to avoid death by visiting his past self, but realizes that if he doesn’t die, he won’t meet Jun-hui in 1998, so he decides to die. When Si-heon dies in a plane accident, Yeon-jun’s body dies and Si-heon wakes up again in the past when the accident occurred.

So, Si-heon goes back in time and reunites with Jun-hui, but the real culprit appears and kills Si-heon. After finding out the real culprit, Jun-hui travels to the past once again to save Si-heon and Min-ju. it becomes clear why In-gyu pretended to be the criminal even though he did not kill Min-ju. After Jun-hui leaves her body, Min-ju returns to her past self and is frustrated because she cannot follow Jun-hui’s form, which she practiced thousands of times while watching Jun-hui’s life when she was trapped in her own head.

In front of Si-heon, who has grown to like ‘Jun-hui’, she still pretends to be Jun-hui, but Si-heon quickly realizes that she is not the Jun-hui he likes., but the old Gwon Min-jun. Min-ju says Jun-hui is not real and Si-heon starts to distance himself from her. Min-ju is heartbroken and cries because she can never be like Jun-hui, no matter what she does. Min-ju doesn’t want to go back to her old self, with no self-confidence. Min-ju chooses death in despair, but rather than taking her own life, she tries to be murdered by the real culprit. This is because she believes that only then will the world remember her. Jun-hui, who entered Min-ju’s head, tries to prevent her death, but Min-ju ends up killing herself. In order to fulfill her with that the world remember her, In-gyu pretends that Min-ju was murdered by him and goes to prison.

Unable to prevent Min-ju’s death, Jun-hui returns to 1998 once again and tries to change everyone’s fate there. Back in 1998, Jun-hui saves Min-ju’s life by grabbing In-gyu’s outstretched hand just before she falls from the building. Si-heon, who sees the two people leaving the building, immediately recognizes her as Jun-hui, who has returned, not Min-ju. With Min-ju saved, everyone’s fate begins to change, and Jun-hui goes on a date with Si-heon for the last time. And the time the two spent together disappears.

Time passes again and Si-heon and Jun-hui, who have becom adults, run into each other on a bus. At first Si-heon mistakes Jun-hui for Min-ju, but he soon after feels a powerful attraction to her and follows her off the bus, and the two meet again. No matter how many times he goes around, Si-heon always finds Jun-hui and falls in love with her the same way.

Jeon Yeo-bin, who plays double roles, plays two completely opposite personalities. The character Min-ju is a student living in 1998 with zero self-confidence and zero presence at school, while Jun-hui is a vibrant and confident woman living in 2o23. Jeon Yeo-bin was both Min-ju and Jun-hui with no awkwardness throughout. Ahn Hyo-seop also plays double roles, but the difference between Yeon-jun and Si-heon is not visible. If you know it from the beginning, it is also because ‘both of them are Si-heon’. Jeon-Yeo-bin and Ahn Hyo-seop’s romantic acting also stands out. There is a lot of talk about the difference from <Someday or One day>, but even without comparing it to the original, <A Time Called You> is a quite interesting drama. Despite a frustrating first half, the exciting second half improved the overall evaluation.

Seo Ji-won’s sonf <Gather my tears>, a song that causes the characters in the play to time slip, was released in 1996 Korea and is included in his second album <tears>, which was released after his death after she committed suicide. His death was mourned and the song enjoyed great popularity.

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