“Aftersun”(2022) Review & summary, Is this from a real story?

11-year-old Sophie goes on a trip to Turkey with her father. They arrived at the hotel, but nobody was at the front desk. Her dad found someone, but when they got to their room, they realized there was only one bed instead of two. Sophie’s dad, Calum, puts on her bed, who is probably tired from the trip, and then goes out to the veranda to smoke a cigarette. Calum smokes alone, moving with slow movements. Little Sophie was already asleep.

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<Aftersun> Information

  • Director: Charlotte wells
  • Writer: Charlotte wells
  • Cast: Paul Mescal, Frankie Corio, Celia Rowlson-Hall
  • Release Date:2022
  • Run Time: 1h 36m

The next day, during their vacation, Sophie’s dad, who is divorced from her mom, applies sunscreen gently on her back at the swimming pool. The camera slowly follows the dad and daughter spending a leisurely afternoon at the swimming pool and the sea. This file is an autobiographical film based on director Charlotte wells’ experience with her father.

The movie “Aftersun” can be roughly divided into two parts. It can be divided into the story of Sophie and her dad Calum’s trip to Turkey in the past and the part where Sophie reminisces about the past in the present. In <Aftersun>, the colors are striking. The scenes recalling the past from the present use a cool, deep blue while scenes in the past use a bright, warm yellow light like the sun.

As Sophie overhears a conversation between older girls in the bathroom, she feels a strong desire to quickly grow up like them. At just 11 years old, we sometimes feel, we are old enough. We want to become an adult as quickly as possible, but I am at an age where I feel like only my time is passing slowly. When Sophie sees young couples visiting the same hotel, she opens her eyes to love and becomes curious about the world of adults.

Sophie wants to become an adult, but in the dad’s eyes, she is still his baby. Dad carefully cleans Sophie’s tanned face and teaches her self-defense skills. He said it was very important and told it to Sophie repeatedly until she got used to it. Dad and Sophie, holding hands in the sunlight, so scuba diving, but Sophie loses her swimming goggles.

Dad quickly went into the water and tried to look for it, but he couldn’t find the swimming goggles, which had already sunk deep. Dad appears somewhat upset, and Sophie suspects it’s because of her lost swimming goggles. Her dad responds that he’s only tired and reassures Sophie. As they spend time together, they even make a joke about Sophie’s teacher and tried to make the mood smooth.


Sophie feels a little depressed. She wakes up feeling exhausted and low, but her dad cheers her up by taking her out to dinner. Sophie and her dad braid hair on the street and go to look at carpets together. Dad looks at the beautiful carpet in fascination. At that night, dad had to go back to the carpet store alone and buy a carpet for 850 pounds.

When her dad was buying carpets, Sophie hung out with a group of young couples she met while playing pocketable. Sophie looks closely at them, who are a little older than her and have just become adults. As she watched them hugging each other, drinking and having fun, Sophie becomes more and more interested in their world. Sophie, who returned to the hotel room, hung out her t-shirt and pants to dry and changed into a bikini and dress like the other girls.

Sophie and her dad bring a camcorder and take pictures of each other. Sophie interviews her dad while filming him from an awkward angle. When asked about her dad’s 11th birthday, he tells her to turn off the camcorder and Sophie says she will only record it in her mind. No remembered her dad’s 11th birthday. When he told his mom about his birthday, she got angry and pulled his ear. Then they went shopping for toys and bought a red toy phone.

Calum went to Turkey for his 31st birthday to give his daughter a better experience than he had at her age. Through this trip, Sophie makes precious memories with her dad and had new experiences. She also met a boy at her age named Michael and had a first kiss. Sophie is slowly becoming an adult. While Sophie is hanging out with older couples late at night, her dad leaves the hotel room and goes to the beach alone.

Dad heads to the beach with unsteady steps, walks straight into the sea, and disappears into the darkness. When she returned to the hotel, she couldn’t open the door. Sophie fells asleep in the lobby and the front desk clerk saw her and gave her a spare key. When Sophie goes in, her dad is fully naked and asleep in the only bed. The next day, a wake-up call wakes up dad, and he wakes up Sophie and they go sightseeing together.

Sophie requested people to sing happy birthday to her, but her dad’s reaction was strange. A party took place at the hotel after returning from sightseeing. Dad asks Sophie to dance. Dad dances with Sophie in his arms. On the way back from the trip, dad turns around and takes pictures of Sophie going back to her mom. They exchange greetings and say they love each other.

Sophie, in the present time, keeps dreaming, which her dad dances unsteadily in the dark. Sophie, now an adult, hugs her stumbling dad and tries to get him up. The movie “Aftersun” is a movie made based on imagination is “What was dad like that day?” Young Sophie is now growing up and enjoying her life and she is happy about the trip with her dad. Sophie was still young to understand everything about her dad.

This is a film in which Sophie, as an adult, reminisces about what it must have been like for her dad, who was falling apart, to put the pieces together in her imagination like puzzle. No matter how close your family is, you do not know what they are doing or thinking when they are not in your sight. If the family member passed away on their own, you’ll want to piece the puzzle together even more why.

What did I miss at that time? What was her dad’s mind? In Sophie’s mind as an adult, the dad jumping into the sea, standing precariously on the veranda railing, or sobbing alone were filled in by Sophie’s imagination. Her dad might have died after his trip to Turkey. The carper that dad bought is now under Sophie’s bed.

In “Aftersun”, Calum conceals his depression by talking about the future with Sophie and practicing relaxation techniques and self-defense with her. But, Sophie was too young to notice the tired look he sometimes showed. So, I think that in the dream, Sophie hugs her dad as hard as she can.

The movie “Aftersun” is about filling in the gaps of pain that her dad fought in her memories of the past. So after watching it, my heart goes numb for a long time. It is a movie with beautiful visuals and a lasting impact.

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