“Always”(오직 그대만)k-movie Review, synopsis, Ending

Cheolmin delivers bottled water during the day and works at a parking lot at night, where he also lives in a small office attached to the parking lot. One night, when Cheolmin works at night in the office, a woman suddenly enters to office. She casually hands him an tangerine and some ugly kimbap.

“Always” Information

  • Director: Song, Il-gon
  • Cast: So, Ji-sub, Han, Hyo-joo, Kang. Shin-il, Park, Cheol-min, Yoon, Jyung-hwa
  • Release Date: 2011
  • Ratine: 15+
  • Running Time: 1h 45m

“Always”(오직 그대만) Synopsis, Ending, Review


When Cheolmin tells the man that he’s quitting. Jeonghwa is taken aback. Jeonghwa is blind. She used to come to the parking lot regularly and share food with the parking lot man and watch tv shows together. On a rainy night, when Jeonghwa tries to leave, saying nothing. Cheolmin tells her to stay and watch the tv show she had planned to watch.

After finishing watch the show, Jeonghwa, as a gesture of graditude, gives Cheolmin kimbap and asks him to water night-blooming jasmine plant in the office. From that moment on, Jeonghwa starts watching tv shows with Cheolmin, Blind Jeonghwa mistakenly thinks that Cheolmin, like the older mad who used to work there, is much older and calls him’Ajussi”(a term used for middle-aged man). Jeonghwa keeps asking Cheolmin about what’s happening on the TV screen, and al thought Cheolmin finds it annoying, he doesn’t mind.

One day, as Jeonghwa is leaving after watching TV as usual, she stumbles and injures her leg while trying to avoid a car speeding out of the parking lot in the rain. Cheomin takes Jeonghwa to the hospital and even carries her to her house when she struggles to walk. While at her house, Jeonghwa asks Chelomin to check a blocked drain in her bathroom as a favor.

Jeonghwa rewards him with a concert ticket for his kind gesture, but he declines, saying he has no friends to accompany him to the concert. Cheolmin can’t contain his happiness when Jeonghwa insists on coming along. Jeonghwa is thrilled about the date and even tries a unique hairstyle. Cheolmin gets evasive and angry when Jeonghwa asks about his past during dinner after the concert.

After Cheolmin drops Jeonghwa off at her doorstep, he confesses he is only thirty years old and has a troubled past. Jepnghwa enters home saying nothing. From that night, Jeonghwa stops coming to the parking lot. Meanwhile, her boss at work, who had been making advances towards Jeonghwa, even resorts to violence when she rejects him. By chance, Cheolmin visits Jeonghwa and intervenes, driving her boss away. Jeonghwa, however, remains pessimistic about her situation.

One day, unexpectedly, Jeonghwa up at Cheolmin’s parking lot and says she quitted her job, asking Cheolmin to take her anywhere. Cheolmin takes her to riverside, a place of his childhood memories. There, Jeonghwa asks Cheolmin to find a stone for her. Jeonghwa feels the stone and thinks it feels like ‘Ajussi’ and Jeonghwa says she will keep it always.

Cheolmin, who started boxing again, starts living with Jeonghwa and they enjoy happy days together. Jeonghwa has someone she wants to introduce Cheolmin. On May 5th, a holiday in Korea, Jeonghwa takes Cheolmin to the cemetery where she introduces her parents. She tells Cheolmin why her parents passed away and she lost her eyesight.


On a May 5th holiday(Children’s day in Korea), as Jeonghwa is driving back after a pleasant day with her parents, she witnesses a person falling from a building as a fire breaks out. In a moment of shock, she crashes her car into an oncoming vehicle. Jeonghwa’s car overturns, her parents pass away, and she loses her eyesight. Cheolmin’s eye shake as he hears this story. The reason in that he was the one who was there and caused the accident. Cheolmin bursts into tears with full regret.

Jeonghwa, with a wrist injury, goes to the hospital urgently. When Cheolmin arrives at the hospital, he hears from the doctor about Jeonghwa’s eye condition. Jeonghwa’s vision can be restored with surgery, but if she doesn’t have it, she’ll eventually lose her sight. Cheolmin tries to raise the money for the surgery and convinces Jeonghwa to go through with it.

To get the money needed for the cornea transplant. Cheolmin participates in illegal gambling matches and is tasked with transferring the funds. Cheolmin fights for Jeonghwa and wins, but gets hit by a car and stabbed by Taesik’s gang. Jeonghwa regains her sight, but Cheolmin never comes back to her. And then two years pass.

Jeonghwa operates a pottery workshop she always had dreamed of. She volunteers at the hospital using her massage skills she learned for Cheolmin. While volunteering at the hospital, Jeonghwa meets Cheolmin who had been recently admitted. She doesn’t recognize him but feels a familiar touch as she touched his body.

On the day Jeonghwa delivers the pottery she made, she takes Cheolmin’s adopted turtle and leaves it outside for a moment while she goes to buy paint. Cheolmin goes to a shop to buy Jeonghwa’s artwork, which has the night-blooming Jasmine planted pot, as well as he takes his turtle, too. When Jeonghwa returns to find the turtle and the artwork is gone, she realizes that the man was Cheolmin but misses him. She rushes to the hospital, only to find out that he has already been discharged.

Upon hearing this, Jeonghwa turns her car around. She heads to the riverside where she used to visit with Cheolmin. And there, she finds Cheolmin waiting for her, Jeonghwa finally sees Cheolmin’s face, and they are reunited.


The movie “Always” is considered a good romance film, but it lacks the captivating moments that make you say. “This is the moment!”, like the movie “A Moment to Remember. “( 내 머리 속의 지우개) Overall, it’s good, but lacks memorable dialogue or scenes. However, there are no significant downside either. It has humor, tears, and great visuals. The lead actors. So, Ji-sub and Han, Hyo-joo, are visually perfect.

Many people wonder why this romance movie didn’t gain popularity when it was released. If you watch it when you’re in the mood for love. “Always” (Korean title:오직 그대만) is a good choice.

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