K-drama, CASTAWAY DIVA Ep 1, summary, review

The TV show ‘Castaway Diva’ (무인도의 디바)is gaining attention thanks to Park Eun-bin, who previously played a lawyer with autism in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’. “Chumsan Island”, which is the back ground of the show, is not an actual place name and is said to have been filmed not in one place but in several islands around Namhae Sea in Korea. In episode 1, the child actors portray Mo-ha leaving Chunsam Island and getting stuck on an uninhabited island.

Main Character

Character Name: Seo Mok-ha

starring: Park Eun-bin

Inside the fish tank VS outside the fish tank

Mok-ha and her friend Young-ju search the entire school search of ‘Go A-ra Phone (Cell Phone that was popular between teenager at that time). Mok-ha, who forgot to charge her cell phone when she had to answer an important call. hurriedly searched for someone who has the same phone as her, and discovers that Ki-ho, as classmate, has a ‘Go A-ra Phone’. Mok-ha urgently asks Ki-ho to lend her a battery, but Ki-ho immediately asks her to pay him 1,000 won (approx . 1 dollar)

Mok-ha almost cry and Ki-ho had no choice but lends her his battery. Mok-ha succeeds in making a phone call with Yoon Ran-joo, a singer she admires. Out of joy, she cries and says that she had nothing more to wish for. After hearing this, Ki-hi grumpily takes his cell phone away and hangs up.

Mok-ha is upset that she cannot sing with Yoon Ran-joo because of Ki-ho. She is planning to take the UCC for an audition, but she doesn’t have a digital camera to take a video. When she asked her classmate, he told her that Ki-ho owns a digital camera and is also a high-quality photographer and editor.

Mo-ha, who really wants to film her own music video, hesitates , but gives Ki-hp 10,00o won(approx. 10 dollars) and asks him to produce the video. When asked about his thought after filming the music video, Ki-ho responds that it was unexpected. Ki-ho tells her that those words are a kind of compliment. In Ki-ho’s eyes, Mok-ha seemed like a bright child with no worries or tears, and every time he saw Mokha like that, he got irritated.

Ki-ho who saves money without his father’s knowledge and tried to run away from home many times, has a secret. Ki-ho’s father appears to be a good police officer on the outside, but when he comes home, he mercilessly beats young Ki-ho. To escape his father, Ki-ho tries to work, but on the small island, the news is immediately relayed to his father, and he is once again abused by his father.

Mok-ha’s situation is quite similar. While Ki-ho saw Mok-ha as bright, Mok-ha’s father, who owns a sushi restaurant, drinks after work and does not hesitate to physically assault Mok-ha. He destroys Mok-ha’s precious guitar, destroys their household, and abuses her. Eventually, unable to bear it any longer, Mok-ha reports to the police, and Ki-ho, who stops by the restaurant during her absence at school, sees her bruised arms.

Ki-ho learns that Mok-ha had the same pain as him.Mok-ha is about to give up on the video audition, but Ki-ho applies for the audition instead of Mok-ha. After watching the video, Yoon Ran-joo falls in love with Mok-ha’s voice. Finally, Mok-ha, who was selected in the audition, receives a call from Ran-joo’s manager. Ki-ho happily shares the news with her, but Mok-ha decides not to go to Seoul out of fear for her father.

Ki-ho feels sorry about Mok -ha’s decision and gives Mok-ha a map tp get to his house. If her father hits her again, he tells her not to go to the police station but to come to his house. Ki-ho tells Mok-ha that he will take her to Yoon Ran-joo.

On the night when the rain is pouring down, Mok-ha’s father is drunk and comes looking for Mok-ha, and Mok-ha locks the door and is trembling in fear. As his father shakes the door more violently. Mok-ha escapes the house through the window and goes to Ki-ho’s house. Ki-do quickly takes out the bag he had prepared and leaved the house with Mok-ha.

Ki-ho calls Yoon Ran-joo’s manager, Seo-jun, and makes an appointment to meet him at the Seoul station. He takes Mok-ha to the port to catch the first ship at 7o’clock. In the early morning, a neighbor who saw Mok-ha and Ki-ho at the port contacted Mok-ha’s father. Mok-ha’s father, who was furious upon learning that his daughter had disappeared, droves his truck roughly and headed toward the port.

Ki-ho sees Mok-ha’s father approaching the ship and comes out to stop him, leaving Mok-ha alone on the ship. Mok-ha’s father gets angry when he sees Ki-ho blocking him and beats him relentlessly. Ki-ho, who had been blocking the ship until the end, only lose consciousness after seeing the ship departs.

As the ship departs, Mok-ha’s father appears in front of Mok-ha, who is crying while looking at photos of Ki-ho’s bruises. She saw his father and begins to run away from place to place on the ship to avoid her father. Mok-ha, who kept running away, ends up clinging to the end of a difficult situation and jumps into the water to avoid he father, and her father also jumps in with her to catch her.

Ki-ho, who regained consciousness in the hospital, is upset when he hears that Mok-ha has falled in the sea and is being searched, but the situation is difficult because of thick fog. At a time everyone thought Mok-ha was dead, Mok-ha washed up on a deserted island and was sending out SOS signal. Just as she was thinking about spending just one day without her father, her father’s body was swept away right in front of her eyes.

Time continues to pass, and Ki-ho continues to wait at Seoul station, where Mok-ha was spposed to meet Yoon Ran-joo’s manager. Meanwhile, Mok-ha as adjusting to life on deserted island and living bravely alone. Then one day, a drone suddenly appears in front of her.

Netflix, Doona!, synopsis, review

The Netflix original drama <Doona !> was released amidst a lot of buzzes and is ranked first on Netflix in Korea. As news broke that this show, which is based on the Naver webtoon <Lee Doona!>, would be adapted into a live-action drama, interest arose who would play the lead role. Director Lee Jeong-hyo said he immediately thought of Suzy as a person who could dance, sing, and even act. That’s how Suzy was the perfect casting for this show. In fact, most of the power that drives the show comes from Suzy. However, when the show was actually released, there were many disappointing parts.


<Doona!> Information

  • Director: Lee Jeong-hyo
  • Cast: Suzy, Yang sejong, Hayong, Park Se-wan, Kim Do-wan, Kim Min-ho
  • episodes: 9 episodes
  • Genre: Romance
  • Streaming: Netflix original

<Doona!> synopsis


Doona was the main vocalist of a girl group called “dream sweet”. However, one day, she suddenly could not sing on stage, lost consciousness and fell down the stage. After that day, Doona left the group and lived alone in a share house.

Won-jun, a civil engineering student at Minsong University, moves into the share house where she lives. In contrast to Doona, who has a free-spirited and unstable personality, Won-jun is upright and calm. Won-jun lives with two roommates on the second floor. Doona uses the first floor alone. The two people who live in the same house develop a friendship as they keep running into each other in the yard and on the rooftop.

Doona, who is lonely and has no friends, gets closer to Won-jun, and Won-jun becomes more and more attracted to Doona. Jin-ju, Won-jun’s first love, attended the same university as Won-jun, and when the two are reunited, Won-jun feels excited for Jin-ju again. However, Won-jun and Jin-ju’s feeling keep diverging and they never develop beyond being friends.

Meanwhile, Won-jun, whose relationship with Doona has deepened, is confused as he cannot understand his feeling for Doona and also Doona’s feelings for him. He draws a line when Doona impulsively kisses Won-jun, and their relationship falls into a hazy fog again. Doona has P, her manager and lover. Doona wavers between Won-jun and P. Soon, Doona and Won-jun confirm their feelings for each other, and Doona confesses her love to Won-jun.

Jin-ju also confesses her long-hel feelings for Won-jun, but Won-jun is already in love with Doona. The two eventually remain friends. Jin-ju, who was living with Doona in the share house, finds it hard to see Doona and Won-jun together. She decides to leave the share house and goes to Brazil to study.

Doona becomes embroiled in a lawsuit over a contract issue with the company and despair of being unable to do anything. At that time, P suggested Doona’s return, and Doona prepared to make a solo comeback. Doona, who becomes an idol again, has restrictions on her private life and can no longer meet Won-jun. Won-jun continues to send unanswered messages to Doona, but she ends up thinking that they live in a different universe.

Time passes and one day, Doona appears in front of Won-jun and tries to catch him, but Won-jun wants to end the relationship. Doona turns aways, saying that Won-jun abandoned her, but waits to see if he comes back. He does not show up, and she gets on the subway. The two people who broke up like that reunite again as time passes and confirm their feelings for each other.

Won-jun, who has successfully found a job, goes on a business trip to Japan, and Doona also comes there to perform. The two stay in the same space for a while, but pass by each other without meeting each other.



<Doona!> is a web drama in which the power of the actress Suzy is so strong that it can be seen as a show by Suzy and for Suzy. She fits the role perfectly and is so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off her. However, the show goes no further and ends with no help. If felt like watching very long video pictorial of Suzy.

Doona and Won-jun’s love turns into conflict after they express their feelings. In the drama, Jin-ju, Won-jun’s first love, is unsure of her role and disappears abruptly to study abroad. The relationships between the surrounding characters also do not add strength to Doona and Won-jun’s story.

Although the episode ends in episodes 9, it felt very long story. The major story, Doona and Won-jun’s story, is confusing throughout and ends with an open ending, making it a bit frustrating to watch. The director of the internationally successful show <Crash Landing on You> also directed this one, so expectations were high. But, it is unclear whether <Doona> will attract more attention than fans of Suzy and Yang Se-jong or receive favorable reviews.

A Time Called You(너의 시간 속으로), Review and explained, Netflix K-Drama

<A Time Called You> is a Netflix original series starring Ahn Hyo-seop, Jeon Yeo-bin, and Kang Hoon. This series is a remake of the popular Taiwanese series <Someday or One day>. As there are many fans of the original series, <A Time Called You> attracted attention as soon as they released it. Despite differing opinions on its resemblance to the original work, the talent of the key actors makes the romance series worth watching. Jeon Yeo-bin, who shows a unique personality in each work she appears in and builds a solid filmography, especially stands out for her acting in dual roles. This work is enough to excite the heart of K-Drama fans by showing good chemistry between Ahn Hyo-seop and Kang Hoon.

<A Time Called You> Information

  • Director: Kim Jin-won
  • Cast: Jeon Yeo-bin, Ahn Hyo-seop, Kang Hoon
  • Release Date:2023
  • Streaming: Netflix original
  • Original Work: CTV <Someday or One day>

<A Time Called You> Review

A Time Called You

Jun-hui lost her lover a year ago. Jun-hui still can’t believe Yeon-jun’s death and is still immersed in sadness. Meanwhile, a mysterious cassette player and a photo arrive at Jun-hui. In the photo, a woman who looks exactly like her is smiling, but she has no memory of taking such a photo. The photo shows a woman who looks exactly like Jun-hui, with Yeon-jun smiling brightly behind her. Jun-hui becomes intrigued by the mystery surrounding the photo. Yeon-jun always carefully celebrated Jun-hui’s birthday. Jun-hui, who spent her birthday without Yeon-jun, leaves a message on his messenger on the bus. Then, when she presses the cassette player, Seo Ji-won’s song <Gather My Tears> plays and Jun-hui closes her eyes.

Netflix original series <A Time Called You> is a romantic drama comprising 12 episodes. It is a remake of the popular Taiwanese series <Someday or One day>, and some say that whether you have seen <Someday or One day> or not. It is said that there are also difference from <Someday or One day>, and those who heterogeneity while watching <A Time Called You>. Personally, I watched < A Time Called You> first without watching <Someday or One day>, so it was a well-made youth romance drama.

Most people who watched <A Time Called You> think that the main characters are not like those in <Someday or One day>. However, I don’t think there is no reason to cast actors with a similar atmosphere to the original. The main actor, Ahn hyo-seop, who was criticized for being too different from the original, may have a different feel from the actor in <Someday or One day>, but he is natural and attractive in the series. He looked overly awkward and shabby while playing his dual roles, which made it difficult to watch the show.. In fact, many people pointed out this.

Unlike typical time slip stories, <A Time Called You> is about the protagonist entering the body of a person who resembles them. For that reason, when watching <A Time Called You>, it is a story that requires you to open your eyes wide and pay attention to who is who and what is happening. It begins with Jun-hui, who misses Yeon-jun, falling a sleep while listening to Seo Ji-won’s <Gather My Tears> on the bus and waking up in the body of a character named Gwon-Min-ju from 1998. When Jun-hui wakes up in 1998, Yeon-jun, whom she ling for so much, stands in front her. However, he is not Yeon-jun, but Nam Si-heon, who lives in 1998.

Someone attacks the body’s owner, Min-ju, causing her to suffer a head injury and be hospitalized. The place where Min-ju waked up is somewhere inside of her own head. The person occupying her is Han Jun-hui from 2023. Min-joo had a quiet and insignificant personality and has no friends, but Jun-hui has an active and sociable personality. After the accident, Min-j00 and Jun-hui wake up from a coma, and their memories are mixed up, and Jun-hui ends up living Min-ju’s life in 1998, where Si-heon, who has the same face as her lover, lives. But soon after, the bus driver wakes Jun-hui up and she returns to 2023.

Upon seeing Si-heon’s identical face to Yeon-jin’s, she becomes determined to uncover their connection. In her quest, she travels back to 1998 but struggles to find a way back to 2023, leading her to stay there temporarily. She lives in 1998 and becomes close friends with Si-heon and In-gyu. In-gyu has continued to like Min-ju, butas he sees Min-ju and Si-heon growing closer, he is torn between friendship and love. On the other hand, Si-heon hesitates getting close to Min-ju because he has to immigrate to the US soon.

While going back and forth between the past and the present, Jun-hui leans that Min-ju will die on Oct 13, 1998. She tries to find the culprit who attacked Min-ju to prevent her death, but returns to the present without being able to identify the culprit. Few years later, Si-heon loses consciousness one day when a bus overturn accident, and the moment his heart stops, he wakes up in Yeon-jun’s body. Si-heon, who became Yeon-jun, learns that Jun-hui’s words that she came from 2023 are true and sets out to find her.

Si-heon, who has become Yeon-jun and is reunited with Jun-hui, but aas the year is not yet 2023, Jun-hui does not recognize Si-heon. Because of Yeon-jun’s constant barrage of affection, the two eventually becomes lovers. So, the person Jun-hui knew as Yeon-jun and loved was Nam Si-heon all along. Until the middle of the show, I keep getting confused who is Nam Si-heon and who is Koo Yeon-jun, but I feel like this part is longer than I thought.

It is frustrating that we have to go through a long, long period of patience before we find out that Koo Yeon-jun, whom Jun-hui loved, who came to visit Jun-hui across time. <A Time Called You> has 12 episodes, and it drags slowly until episode 10, but then suddenly feels like it si being thrown into a tailspin as all the secrets are revealed from the end of episode 10 to episode 12.

If you can endure your curiosity until episode 10, you will be quite immersed from 10 to the end. However, it was still disappointing that the series stretched to only 10 out of 12 episodes. It’s a pretty good youth drama up to the 10th episode, but the fateful relationship is revealed. There are elements that could serve as hints in the middle of the show, but they are not enough to satisfy curiosity or create tension. If you watch it, I recommend holding it and watching it at a steady pace to get a sense of speed.

Despite Jun-hui’s efforts, In-gyu’s attempt to save Min-ju from death is unsuccessful, leading to his imprisonment as the one who killed her. Following his release from prison, he tragically ends his own life upon his grandmother’s death. Si-heon tries to prevent In-gyu’s death. but is cannot defy fate and lets him go. Si-heon wants to avoid death by visiting his past self, but realizes that if he doesn’t die, he won’t meet Jun-hui in 1998, so he decides to die. When Si-heon dies in a plane accident, Yeon-jun’s body dies and Si-heon wakes up again in the past when the accident occurred.

So, Si-heon goes back in time and reunites with Jun-hui, but the real culprit appears and kills Si-heon. After finding out the real culprit, Jun-hui travels to the past once again to save Si-heon and Min-ju. it becomes clear why In-gyu pretended to be the criminal even though he did not kill Min-ju. After Jun-hui leaves her body, Min-ju returns to her past self and is frustrated because she cannot follow Jun-hui’s form, which she practiced thousands of times while watching Jun-hui’s life when she was trapped in her own head.

In front of Si-heon, who has grown to like ‘Jun-hui’, she still pretends to be Jun-hui, but Si-heon quickly realizes that she is not the Jun-hui he likes., but the old Gwon Min-jun. Min-ju says Jun-hui is not real and Si-heon starts to distance himself from her. Min-ju is heartbroken and cries because she can never be like Jun-hui, no matter what she does. Min-ju doesn’t want to go back to her old self, with no self-confidence. Min-ju chooses death in despair, but rather than taking her own life, she tries to be murdered by the real culprit. This is because she believes that only then will the world remember her. Jun-hui, who entered Min-ju’s head, tries to prevent her death, but Min-ju ends up killing herself. In order to fulfill her with that the world remember her, In-gyu pretends that Min-ju was murdered by him and goes to prison.

Unable to prevent Min-ju’s death, Jun-hui returns to 1998 once again and tries to change everyone’s fate there. Back in 1998, Jun-hui saves Min-ju’s life by grabbing In-gyu’s outstretched hand just before she falls from the building. Si-heon, who sees the two people leaving the building, immediately recognizes her as Jun-hui, who has returned, not Min-ju. With Min-ju saved, everyone’s fate begins to change, and Jun-hui goes on a date with Si-heon for the last time. And the time the two spent together disappears.

Time passes again and Si-heon and Jun-hui, who have becom adults, run into each other on a bus. At first Si-heon mistakes Jun-hui for Min-ju, but he soon after feels a powerful attraction to her and follows her off the bus, and the two meet again. No matter how many times he goes around, Si-heon always finds Jun-hui and falls in love with her the same way.

Jeon Yeo-bin, who plays double roles, plays two completely opposite personalities. The character Min-ju is a student living in 1998 with zero self-confidence and zero presence at school, while Jun-hui is a vibrant and confident woman living in 2o23. Jeon Yeo-bin was both Min-ju and Jun-hui with no awkwardness throughout. Ahn Hyo-seop also plays double roles, but the difference between Yeon-jun and Si-heon is not visible. If you know it from the beginning, it is also because ‘both of them are Si-heon’. Jeon-Yeo-bin and Ahn Hyo-seop’s romantic acting also stands out. There is a lot of talk about the difference from <Someday or One day>, but even without comparing it to the original, <A Time Called You> is a quite interesting drama. Despite a frustrating first half, the exciting second half improved the overall evaluation.

Seo Ji-won’s sonf <Gather my tears>, a song that causes the characters in the play to time slip, was released in 1996 Korea and is included in his second album <tears>, which was released after his death after she committed suicide. His death was mourned and the song enjoyed great popularity.

“Moving” (무빙), Disney Plus K-drama, episode 1 Review

Bong-seok has the same dream every night. A dream of his own body flying high into the sky and escaping the Earth. And then, he dreams of falling into his bed again. In his dreams, it felt like he saw someone every day, but he couldn’t tell who it was. Are you the God? Before Bong-seok could finish his question, his body falls back onto the bed, and he wakes up from his dream.

<Moving> Information

  • Director: Park, In-je / Park, Yun-seo
  • Original work: Webtoon <Moving> by Kang Full
  • Cast: Ryu, Seung-ryong, Han, Hyo-joo, Zo, Im-sung, Cha, Tae-hyun, Ryu, Seung-beom, Kim, Sung-gyun, Moon, Seong-geun, Lee, Jeong-ha, Go, Yoon-jeong
  • Trilogy: 20 episodes
  • release date: 2023
  • OTT: Disney Plus
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K-Drama, <Moving> Episode 1: High school senior “someone is deleting”

Even when he sleeps, Bong-seok is tied to the bed, and when he gets agitated, his body spontaneously flies up. Bong-seok, from the ‘Namsan Pork Cutlet’ family, tries not to defy gravity by wearing sandbags on his legs and carrying a heavy bag to school. Bong-seok’s mother, who looks like an ordinary pork cutlet restaurant lady, takes Bong-seok to school and searches her smartphone for thing that appear to be completely unrelated to her job and looks serious.

Bong-seok, who should never fly in front of others, faces the biggest challenge in his life. He falls in love at first sight with a girl he meets on the bus. Bong-seok tries his best to keep his feet from shaking but ends up smashing his face into the window of the bus.

The girl who Bong-seok fell in love with at first sight happens to transfer to Bong-seok’s class. Her name is Jang, Hee-su, Bong-seok’s heart flutters when he sees her sitting right next to him. At that moment, he feels his body floating and holds onto the desk. Hee-su met with her teacher and said she could only attend a fully paid university in Seoul. However, her teacher said her grades might make it hard to do so. However, Hee-su, who wants to somehow relieve her father’s burden, is reluctant, and seeing recommends that she go into physical education major.

Hee-su is a dutiful daughter who thinks of her father’s pocket first, no matter what she wants to do. With the consideration of her homeroom teacher, Hee-su is able to practice for her test of physical education major in the auditorium, and her class president guides Hee-su to her auditorium. Here, a conversation of unknown meaning takes place between the homeroom teacher and the class president. The class president asks the teacher if Hee-su is “in our class.” The teacher gives an ambiguous answer, but this part leads to speculation that the teacher and class president may also have super powers or know of their existence.

A man (Ryu, Seung-beom 류승범) appears at the airport, disguises himself as a delivery worker by going to a truck and opening a box. Then he goes to an office and looks for ‘Jincheon’. Jincheon wonders why he came to see him, knowing his existence and hiding place. The man answers in poor Korean, “delete” The man came to delete Jincheon. A man who exerts even greater power against Jincheon, a superpower with tremendous power, deletes Jincheon.

What appears to be a government agency is trying to prevent Jincheon’s death from being spread by the media, but it cannot reach into the SNS of individuals who are already sharing the information quickly. Bong-seok’s mother (Han, Hyo-joo 한효주) the owner of Namsan Pork Cutlet, searches for mysterious death and learns of Jincheon’s death. She seems very serious about that.

Bong-seok, who is smitten with Hee-su, cannot contain his excitement when he returns to his house, to where he sticks his body to the ceiling.

Meanwhile Bong-seock’s mother learns of Jincheon’s death and takes out her hidden gun. And on word she said, “Someone is deleting.” What is the identity of Bong-seok’s mother?

Korean content on Disney Plus didn’t do as well as expected, and there were reports of layoffs. But this time, it seems like Disney Plus can finally achieve excellent results. “Moving” gets off to a good start from the first episode. Aside from the brilliant cast led by Ryu, Seoung-ryong, Han, Hyo-joo and Zo, In-sung, the show’s sense of pace and tension is quite good. I look forward to the story unfolding in the future. (Zo, In-sung 조인성 doesn’t appear in episode 1)

Mask Girl (마스크걸),the Netflix K-drama, provokes thought.

Momi Kim’s dream is to be loved by everyone in the world. But her looks are not enough to make that dream come true. She lives as an ordinary office worker during the day and transforms into a fancy mask girl at night.

<Mask Girl> Information

  • Director: Kim, Yong-hoon
  • Cast: Go, Hyun-Jung, Lee, Han-byeol, Nana, Ahn, Jae0hong, Yeom, Hye-ran
  • Trilogy: 7 episodes
  • Release Date: 2023
  • OTT: Netflix
  • Original Work: Webtoon <Make Girl>

<Mask Girl> Review

Momi has a secret life where she wears a mask, dances extravagantly, and wins hearts. <Mask Girl> presents an unusual casting with three people playing each role. Momi gets her plastic surgery and as she ages transforms into Lee, Han-byeol, Nana and Go, Hyun-jung.

The role of Kim, Momi before her plastic surgery was played by Lee, Han-byeol. She worked hard with a famous volleyball player’s(Kim, Yeon-kyung) personal trainer to achieve her ideal body, including practicing choreograhy fir her dancing scenes. Lee Han-byeol worked a part-time job at a bakery and thought it would be the last time and challenged her to become an actress. Coincidentally, the assistant director of this show found her picture ont he monitor screen just as he was leaving the agency’s door and cast her.

Lee, Han-byeol shows her first murder, working as mask girl until she murders Joo, Onam(An, Jae-hong) and begins her escape activitie

이 이미지는 대체 속성이 비어있습니다. 그 파일 이름은 img1.daumcdn-3.jpg입니다

I can say that Nana is the one who stands out in <Mask Girl>. Nana, as Kim, Momi, lives as a showgirl after Momi undergoes plastic surgery to become pretty and to hide her identity after the murder of Joo, Onam, and after the death of her colse friend, she tunr herself in and goes to prison. Nana played the role of Kim, Momi, who keeps both her dark and hurt sides, well and added abundance to the play. Nana’s acting was outstanding, especially in the black-and-white episode where she depicted her life after being imprisoned.,

Another scene-stealer is Yeom, Hye-ran’s crazy performance as Kim, Kyung-ja, who Joo-Onam’s mother. Her mother’s intense focus on her son after her divorce and desire for revenge after his death are remarkable. In the show, Kim, Momi disappears and changes her face. However, Kim, Kyung-ja stands at the center of what drives the play from the beginning to the end. Without Kim-Kyung-ja, the show would have been very boring. Kim, Kyung-ja’s role is to regain the sense that the play seems to stretch in the Kim, Chun-ae episode in the middle of the show.

As soon as <Mask Girl> was released, people gave the most attention to Go, Hyung-jung. She is famous for her beautiful skin and gained attention because she looked haggard because of her role as an imprisoned murderer. However, Go, Hyun-jung’s role in the show is not as large as expected. Although she plays an important role in the final ending, her part feels less significant compared to Kim, Kyung-ja and Nana’s Kim, Momi. The acting wasn’t bad, but if was disappointing because it didn’t stand out compared to Yeom, Hye-ran and Nana’s acting.

The story of <Mask Girl> unfolds around each character, Kim, Momi is the main character, but her role is not as big as you might think. It is safe to say that the stories of Joo-Onam, who likes Kim. Momi but does something wrong and murdered, Kim, Kyung-ja, who losed her son and seeks revenge. Kim Chun-ae , Momi’s friend, and Kim, Momi and Momi’s daughter, each have equal weight. So, even though it is only 7 episodes, the story feels long and verbose. My opinion is that would have been better to focus more on Kim, Momi’s narrative. However, it was also fun to see different sides of actors Ahn Jae-hong and Yeom Hye-ran, who have excellent acting skills, as well as Nana and Go, Hyun-jung. Lee, Han-byeol’s Momi was also comical and great.

The drama begins with an appearance complex. Momi ends up murdering several people, but she feels like both a perpetrator and a victim. So I feel sorry for Kim, Momi until the end and I watched the show until the end. It is said that <Mask Girl> is currently ranked 2nd in non-English languages. The actors’ passionate performances seem to have paind off.