“Moving” (무빙), Disney Plus K-drama, episode 1 Review

Bong-seok has the same dream every night. A dream of his own body flying high into the sky and escaping the Earth. And then, he dreams of falling into his bed again. In his dreams, it felt like he saw someone every day, but he couldn’t tell who it was. Are you the God? Before Bong-seok could finish his question, his body falls back onto the bed, and he wakes up from his dream.

<Moving> Information

  • Director: Park, In-je / Park, Yun-seo
  • Original work: Webtoon <Moving> by Kang Full
  • Cast: Ryu, Seung-ryong, Han, Hyo-joo, Zo, Im-sung, Cha, Tae-hyun, Ryu, Seung-beom, Kim, Sung-gyun, Moon, Seong-geun, Lee, Jeong-ha, Go, Yoon-jeong
  • Trilogy: 20 episodes
  • release date: 2023
  • OTT: Disney Plus
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K-Drama, <Moving> Episode 1: High school senior “someone is deleting”

Even when he sleeps, Bong-seok is tied to the bed, and when he gets agitated, his body spontaneously flies up. Bong-seok, from the ‘Namsan Pork Cutlet’ family, tries not to defy gravity by wearing sandbags on his legs and carrying a heavy bag to school. Bong-seok’s mother, who looks like an ordinary pork cutlet restaurant lady, takes Bong-seok to school and searches her smartphone for thing that appear to be completely unrelated to her job and looks serious.

Bong-seok, who should never fly in front of others, faces the biggest challenge in his life. He falls in love at first sight with a girl he meets on the bus. Bong-seok tries his best to keep his feet from shaking but ends up smashing his face into the window of the bus.

The girl who Bong-seok fell in love with at first sight happens to transfer to Bong-seok’s class. Her name is Jang, Hee-su, Bong-seok’s heart flutters when he sees her sitting right next to him. At that moment, he feels his body floating and holds onto the desk. Hee-su met with her teacher and said she could only attend a fully paid university in Seoul. However, her teacher said her grades might make it hard to do so. However, Hee-su, who wants to somehow relieve her father’s burden, is reluctant, and seeing recommends that she go into physical education major.

Hee-su is a dutiful daughter who thinks of her father’s pocket first, no matter what she wants to do. With the consideration of her homeroom teacher, Hee-su is able to practice for her test of physical education major in the auditorium, and her class president guides Hee-su to her auditorium. Here, a conversation of unknown meaning takes place between the homeroom teacher and the class president. The class president asks the teacher if Hee-su is “in our class.” The teacher gives an ambiguous answer, but this part leads to speculation that the teacher and class president may also have super powers or know of their existence.

A man (Ryu, Seung-beom 류승범) appears at the airport, disguises himself as a delivery worker by going to a truck and opening a box. Then he goes to an office and looks for ‘Jincheon’. Jincheon wonders why he came to see him, knowing his existence and hiding place. The man answers in poor Korean, “delete” The man came to delete Jincheon. A man who exerts even greater power against Jincheon, a superpower with tremendous power, deletes Jincheon.

What appears to be a government agency is trying to prevent Jincheon’s death from being spread by the media, but it cannot reach into the SNS of individuals who are already sharing the information quickly. Bong-seok’s mother (Han, Hyo-joo 한효주) the owner of Namsan Pork Cutlet, searches for mysterious death and learns of Jincheon’s death. She seems very serious about that.

Bong-seok, who is smitten with Hee-su, cannot contain his excitement when he returns to his house, to where he sticks his body to the ceiling.

Meanwhile Bong-seock’s mother learns of Jincheon’s death and takes out her hidden gun. And on word she said, “Someone is deleting.” What is the identity of Bong-seok’s mother?

Korean content on Disney Plus didn’t do as well as expected, and there were reports of layoffs. But this time, it seems like Disney Plus can finally achieve excellent results. “Moving” gets off to a good start from the first episode. Aside from the brilliant cast led by Ryu, Seoung-ryong, Han, Hyo-joo and Zo, In-sung, the show’s sense of pace and tension is quite good. I look forward to the story unfolding in the future. (Zo, In-sung 조인성 doesn’t appear in episode 1)

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