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The Netflix original drama <Doona !> was released amidst a lot of buzzes and is ranked first on Netflix in Korea. As news broke that this show, which is based on the Naver webtoon <Lee Doona!>, would be adapted into a live-action drama, interest arose who would play the lead role. Director Lee Jeong-hyo said he immediately thought of Suzy as a person who could dance, sing, and even act. That’s how Suzy was the perfect casting for this show. In fact, most of the power that drives the show comes from Suzy. However, when the show was actually released, there were many disappointing parts.


<Doona!> Information

  • Director: Lee Jeong-hyo
  • Cast: Suzy, Yang sejong, Hayong, Park Se-wan, Kim Do-wan, Kim Min-ho
  • episodes: 9 episodes
  • Genre: Romance
  • Streaming: Netflix original

<Doona!> synopsis


Doona was the main vocalist of a girl group called “dream sweet”. However, one day, she suddenly could not sing on stage, lost consciousness and fell down the stage. After that day, Doona left the group and lived alone in a share house.

Won-jun, a civil engineering student at Minsong University, moves into the share house where she lives. In contrast to Doona, who has a free-spirited and unstable personality, Won-jun is upright and calm. Won-jun lives with two roommates on the second floor. Doona uses the first floor alone. The two people who live in the same house develop a friendship as they keep running into each other in the yard and on the rooftop.

Doona, who is lonely and has no friends, gets closer to Won-jun, and Won-jun becomes more and more attracted to Doona. Jin-ju, Won-jun’s first love, attended the same university as Won-jun, and when the two are reunited, Won-jun feels excited for Jin-ju again. However, Won-jun and Jin-ju’s feeling keep diverging and they never develop beyond being friends.

Meanwhile, Won-jun, whose relationship with Doona has deepened, is confused as he cannot understand his feeling for Doona and also Doona’s feelings for him. He draws a line when Doona impulsively kisses Won-jun, and their relationship falls into a hazy fog again. Doona has P, her manager and lover. Doona wavers between Won-jun and P. Soon, Doona and Won-jun confirm their feelings for each other, and Doona confesses her love to Won-jun.

Jin-ju also confesses her long-hel feelings for Won-jun, but Won-jun is already in love with Doona. The two eventually remain friends. Jin-ju, who was living with Doona in the share house, finds it hard to see Doona and Won-jun together. She decides to leave the share house and goes to Brazil to study.

Doona becomes embroiled in a lawsuit over a contract issue with the company and despair of being unable to do anything. At that time, P suggested Doona’s return, and Doona prepared to make a solo comeback. Doona, who becomes an idol again, has restrictions on her private life and can no longer meet Won-jun. Won-jun continues to send unanswered messages to Doona, but she ends up thinking that they live in a different universe.

Time passes and one day, Doona appears in front of Won-jun and tries to catch him, but Won-jun wants to end the relationship. Doona turns aways, saying that Won-jun abandoned her, but waits to see if he comes back. He does not show up, and she gets on the subway. The two people who broke up like that reunite again as time passes and confirm their feelings for each other.

Won-jun, who has successfully found a job, goes on a business trip to Japan, and Doona also comes there to perform. The two stay in the same space for a while, but pass by each other without meeting each other.



<Doona!> is a web drama in which the power of the actress Suzy is so strong that it can be seen as a show by Suzy and for Suzy. She fits the role perfectly and is so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off her. However, the show goes no further and ends with no help. If felt like watching very long video pictorial of Suzy.

Doona and Won-jun’s love turns into conflict after they express their feelings. In the drama, Jin-ju, Won-jun’s first love, is unsure of her role and disappears abruptly to study abroad. The relationships between the surrounding characters also do not add strength to Doona and Won-jun’s story.

Although the episode ends in episodes 9, it felt very long story. The major story, Doona and Won-jun’s story, is confusing throughout and ends with an open ending, making it a bit frustrating to watch. The director of the internationally successful show <Crash Landing on You> also directed this one, so expectations were high. But, it is unclear whether <Doona> will attract more attention than fans of Suzy and Yang Se-jong or receive favorable reviews.

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