Mask Girl (마스크걸),the Netflix K-drama, provokes thought.

Momi Kim’s dream is to be loved by everyone in the world. But her looks are not enough to make that dream come true. She lives as an ordinary office worker during the day and transforms into a fancy mask girl at night.

<Mask Girl> Information

  • Director: Kim, Yong-hoon
  • Cast: Go, Hyun-Jung, Lee, Han-byeol, Nana, Ahn, Jae0hong, Yeom, Hye-ran
  • Trilogy: 7 episodes
  • Release Date: 2023
  • OTT: Netflix
  • Original Work: Webtoon <Make Girl>

<Mask Girl> Review

Momi has a secret life where she wears a mask, dances extravagantly, and wins hearts. <Mask Girl> presents an unusual casting with three people playing each role. Momi gets her plastic surgery and as she ages transforms into Lee, Han-byeol, Nana and Go, Hyun-jung.

The role of Kim, Momi before her plastic surgery was played by Lee, Han-byeol. She worked hard with a famous volleyball player’s(Kim, Yeon-kyung) personal trainer to achieve her ideal body, including practicing choreograhy fir her dancing scenes. Lee Han-byeol worked a part-time job at a bakery and thought it would be the last time and challenged her to become an actress. Coincidentally, the assistant director of this show found her picture ont he monitor screen just as he was leaving the agency’s door and cast her.

Lee, Han-byeol shows her first murder, working as mask girl until she murders Joo, Onam(An, Jae-hong) and begins her escape activitie

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I can say that Nana is the one who stands out in <Mask Girl>. Nana, as Kim, Momi, lives as a showgirl after Momi undergoes plastic surgery to become pretty and to hide her identity after the murder of Joo, Onam, and after the death of her colse friend, she tunr herself in and goes to prison. Nana played the role of Kim, Momi, who keeps both her dark and hurt sides, well and added abundance to the play. Nana’s acting was outstanding, especially in the black-and-white episode where she depicted her life after being imprisoned.,

Another scene-stealer is Yeom, Hye-ran’s crazy performance as Kim, Kyung-ja, who Joo-Onam’s mother. Her mother’s intense focus on her son after her divorce and desire for revenge after his death are remarkable. In the show, Kim, Momi disappears and changes her face. However, Kim, Kyung-ja stands at the center of what drives the play from the beginning to the end. Without Kim-Kyung-ja, the show would have been very boring. Kim, Kyung-ja’s role is to regain the sense that the play seems to stretch in the Kim, Chun-ae episode in the middle of the show.

As soon as <Mask Girl> was released, people gave the most attention to Go, Hyung-jung. She is famous for her beautiful skin and gained attention because she looked haggard because of her role as an imprisoned murderer. However, Go, Hyun-jung’s role in the show is not as large as expected. Although she plays an important role in the final ending, her part feels less significant compared to Kim, Kyung-ja and Nana’s Kim, Momi. The acting wasn’t bad, but if was disappointing because it didn’t stand out compared to Yeom, Hye-ran and Nana’s acting.

The story of <Mask Girl> unfolds around each character, Kim, Momi is the main character, but her role is not as big as you might think. It is safe to say that the stories of Joo-Onam, who likes Kim. Momi but does something wrong and murdered, Kim, Kyung-ja, who losed her son and seeks revenge. Kim Chun-ae , Momi’s friend, and Kim, Momi and Momi’s daughter, each have equal weight. So, even though it is only 7 episodes, the story feels long and verbose. My opinion is that would have been better to focus more on Kim, Momi’s narrative. However, it was also fun to see different sides of actors Ahn Jae-hong and Yeom Hye-ran, who have excellent acting skills, as well as Nana and Go, Hyun-jung. Lee, Han-byeol’s Momi was also comical and great.

The drama begins with an appearance complex. Momi ends up murdering several people, but she feels like both a perpetrator and a victim. So I feel sorry for Kim, Momi until the end and I watched the show until the end. It is said that <Mask Girl> is currently ranked 2nd in non-English languages. The actors’ passionate performances seem to have paind off.

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