A Time Called You(너의 시간 속으로), Review and explained, Netflix K-Drama

<A Time Called You> is a Netflix original series starring Ahn Hyo-seop, Jeon Yeo-bin, and Kang Hoon. This series is a remake of the popular Taiwanese series <Someday or One day>. As there are many fans of the original series, <A Time Called You> attracted attention as soon as they released it. Despite differing opinions on its resemblance to the original work, the talent of the key actors makes the romance series worth watching. Jeon Yeo-bin, who shows a unique personality in each work she appears in and builds a solid filmography, especially stands out for her acting in dual roles. This work is enough to excite the heart of K-Drama fans by showing good chemistry between Ahn Hyo-seop and Kang Hoon.

<A Time Called You> Information

  • Director: Kim Jin-won
  • Cast: Jeon Yeo-bin, Ahn Hyo-seop, Kang Hoon
  • Release Date:2023
  • Streaming: Netflix original
  • Original Work: CTV <Someday or One day>

<A Time Called You> Review

A Time Called You

Jun-hui lost her lover a year ago. Jun-hui still can’t believe Yeon-jun’s death and is still immersed in sadness. Meanwhile, a mysterious cassette player and a photo arrive at Jun-hui. In the photo, a woman who looks exactly like her is smiling, but she has no memory of taking such a photo. The photo shows a woman who looks exactly like Jun-hui, with Yeon-jun smiling brightly behind her. Jun-hui becomes intrigued by the mystery surrounding the photo. Yeon-jun always carefully celebrated Jun-hui’s birthday. Jun-hui, who spent her birthday without Yeon-jun, leaves a message on his messenger on the bus. Then, when she presses the cassette player, Seo Ji-won’s song <Gather My Tears> plays and Jun-hui closes her eyes.

Netflix original series <A Time Called You> is a romantic drama comprising 12 episodes. It is a remake of the popular Taiwanese series <Someday or One day>, and some say that whether you have seen <Someday or One day> or not. It is said that there are also difference from <Someday or One day>, and those who heterogeneity while watching <A Time Called You>. Personally, I watched < A Time Called You> first without watching <Someday or One day>, so it was a well-made youth romance drama.

Most people who watched <A Time Called You> think that the main characters are not like those in <Someday or One day>. However, I don’t think there is no reason to cast actors with a similar atmosphere to the original. The main actor, Ahn hyo-seop, who was criticized for being too different from the original, may have a different feel from the actor in <Someday or One day>, but he is natural and attractive in the series. He looked overly awkward and shabby while playing his dual roles, which made it difficult to watch the show.. In fact, many people pointed out this.

Unlike typical time slip stories, <A Time Called You> is about the protagonist entering the body of a person who resembles them. For that reason, when watching <A Time Called You>, it is a story that requires you to open your eyes wide and pay attention to who is who and what is happening. It begins with Jun-hui, who misses Yeon-jun, falling a sleep while listening to Seo Ji-won’s <Gather My Tears> on the bus and waking up in the body of a character named Gwon-Min-ju from 1998. When Jun-hui wakes up in 1998, Yeon-jun, whom she ling for so much, stands in front her. However, he is not Yeon-jun, but Nam Si-heon, who lives in 1998.

Someone attacks the body’s owner, Min-ju, causing her to suffer a head injury and be hospitalized. The place where Min-ju waked up is somewhere inside of her own head. The person occupying her is Han Jun-hui from 2023. Min-joo had a quiet and insignificant personality and has no friends, but Jun-hui has an active and sociable personality. After the accident, Min-j00 and Jun-hui wake up from a coma, and their memories are mixed up, and Jun-hui ends up living Min-ju’s life in 1998, where Si-heon, who has the same face as her lover, lives. But soon after, the bus driver wakes Jun-hui up and she returns to 2023.

Upon seeing Si-heon’s identical face to Yeon-jin’s, she becomes determined to uncover their connection. In her quest, she travels back to 1998 but struggles to find a way back to 2023, leading her to stay there temporarily. She lives in 1998 and becomes close friends with Si-heon and In-gyu. In-gyu has continued to like Min-ju, butas he sees Min-ju and Si-heon growing closer, he is torn between friendship and love. On the other hand, Si-heon hesitates getting close to Min-ju because he has to immigrate to the US soon.

While going back and forth between the past and the present, Jun-hui leans that Min-ju will die on Oct 13, 1998. She tries to find the culprit who attacked Min-ju to prevent her death, but returns to the present without being able to identify the culprit. Few years later, Si-heon loses consciousness one day when a bus overturn accident, and the moment his heart stops, he wakes up in Yeon-jun’s body. Si-heon, who became Yeon-jun, learns that Jun-hui’s words that she came from 2023 are true and sets out to find her.

Si-heon, who has become Yeon-jun and is reunited with Jun-hui, but aas the year is not yet 2023, Jun-hui does not recognize Si-heon. Because of Yeon-jun’s constant barrage of affection, the two eventually becomes lovers. So, the person Jun-hui knew as Yeon-jun and loved was Nam Si-heon all along. Until the middle of the show, I keep getting confused who is Nam Si-heon and who is Koo Yeon-jun, but I feel like this part is longer than I thought.

It is frustrating that we have to go through a long, long period of patience before we find out that Koo Yeon-jun, whom Jun-hui loved, who came to visit Jun-hui across time. <A Time Called You> has 12 episodes, and it drags slowly until episode 10, but then suddenly feels like it si being thrown into a tailspin as all the secrets are revealed from the end of episode 10 to episode 12.

If you can endure your curiosity until episode 10, you will be quite immersed from 10 to the end. However, it was still disappointing that the series stretched to only 10 out of 12 episodes. It’s a pretty good youth drama up to the 10th episode, but the fateful relationship is revealed. There are elements that could serve as hints in the middle of the show, but they are not enough to satisfy curiosity or create tension. If you watch it, I recommend holding it and watching it at a steady pace to get a sense of speed.

Despite Jun-hui’s efforts, In-gyu’s attempt to save Min-ju from death is unsuccessful, leading to his imprisonment as the one who killed her. Following his release from prison, he tragically ends his own life upon his grandmother’s death. Si-heon tries to prevent In-gyu’s death. but is cannot defy fate and lets him go. Si-heon wants to avoid death by visiting his past self, but realizes that if he doesn’t die, he won’t meet Jun-hui in 1998, so he decides to die. When Si-heon dies in a plane accident, Yeon-jun’s body dies and Si-heon wakes up again in the past when the accident occurred.

So, Si-heon goes back in time and reunites with Jun-hui, but the real culprit appears and kills Si-heon. After finding out the real culprit, Jun-hui travels to the past once again to save Si-heon and Min-ju. it becomes clear why In-gyu pretended to be the criminal even though he did not kill Min-ju. After Jun-hui leaves her body, Min-ju returns to her past self and is frustrated because she cannot follow Jun-hui’s form, which she practiced thousands of times while watching Jun-hui’s life when she was trapped in her own head.

In front of Si-heon, who has grown to like ‘Jun-hui’, she still pretends to be Jun-hui, but Si-heon quickly realizes that she is not the Jun-hui he likes., but the old Gwon Min-jun. Min-ju says Jun-hui is not real and Si-heon starts to distance himself from her. Min-ju is heartbroken and cries because she can never be like Jun-hui, no matter what she does. Min-ju doesn’t want to go back to her old self, with no self-confidence. Min-ju chooses death in despair, but rather than taking her own life, she tries to be murdered by the real culprit. This is because she believes that only then will the world remember her. Jun-hui, who entered Min-ju’s head, tries to prevent her death, but Min-ju ends up killing herself. In order to fulfill her with that the world remember her, In-gyu pretends that Min-ju was murdered by him and goes to prison.

Unable to prevent Min-ju’s death, Jun-hui returns to 1998 once again and tries to change everyone’s fate there. Back in 1998, Jun-hui saves Min-ju’s life by grabbing In-gyu’s outstretched hand just before she falls from the building. Si-heon, who sees the two people leaving the building, immediately recognizes her as Jun-hui, who has returned, not Min-ju. With Min-ju saved, everyone’s fate begins to change, and Jun-hui goes on a date with Si-heon for the last time. And the time the two spent together disappears.

Time passes again and Si-heon and Jun-hui, who have becom adults, run into each other on a bus. At first Si-heon mistakes Jun-hui for Min-ju, but he soon after feels a powerful attraction to her and follows her off the bus, and the two meet again. No matter how many times he goes around, Si-heon always finds Jun-hui and falls in love with her the same way.

Jeon Yeo-bin, who plays double roles, plays two completely opposite personalities. The character Min-ju is a student living in 1998 with zero self-confidence and zero presence at school, while Jun-hui is a vibrant and confident woman living in 2o23. Jeon Yeo-bin was both Min-ju and Jun-hui with no awkwardness throughout. Ahn Hyo-seop also plays double roles, but the difference between Yeon-jun and Si-heon is not visible. If you know it from the beginning, it is also because ‘both of them are Si-heon’. Jeon-Yeo-bin and Ahn Hyo-seop’s romantic acting also stands out. There is a lot of talk about the difference from <Someday or One day>, but even without comparing it to the original, <A Time Called You> is a quite interesting drama. Despite a frustrating first half, the exciting second half improved the overall evaluation.

Seo Ji-won’s sonf <Gather my tears>, a song that causes the characters in the play to time slip, was released in 1996 Korea and is included in his second album <tears>, which was released after his death after she committed suicide. His death was mourned and the song enjoyed great popularity.

Decision to Leave 헤어질 결심(2022)⎟ Review, Explained

Park Chan-wook directed the movie “Decision to Leave”, which was released in Korea in 2022. He won the Best Director Award at the Festival de Cannes. “Decision to Leave” is a must-watch film that has a mysterious and delicate approach to portraying the emotions between a man and a woman.

A man fell from a mountain and died. There is Haejoon, a passionate detective who takes risks rock climbing to uncover the man’s death. Haejoon inspects the man’s belongings. An expensive watch, a wallet, the dead man is a very possessive man who carves his initials into all of his belongings. His wife Seorae comes to the police station for questioning.

<Decision to Leave> Information

  • Director: Park, Chan-wook
  • Cast:Park, Hae-il, Tang wei, Lee, Jung-hyun
  • Release Date: 2022
  • Running Time: 2h 19m
  • original title: Heojil Kyolshim (헤어질 결심)

<Decision to Leave> summary and review

Seorae’s husband didn’t even have enough belongings, so he carved his initials into Seorae’s body. Seorae used to get beaten by her husband. That could be a sufficient motive for murder. When asked by police if it surprised her that her husband died. She answered no. Seorae even laughs slightly. Haejoon suspects Seorae.

Seorae is a Chinese woman who used to be a nurse and is now working as a caregiver in Korea. When Soowan, Haejoon’s junior, becomes suspicious after seeing Seorae go to work without being sad even though her husband dies, Haejoon says, “If grief envelops some like crashing wave, there are some to whom it spread slowly like ink in water.”

Haejoon, who suffers from severe insomnia, work undercover as a hobby. Haejoon parks his car in front of Seorae’s house and observes her. He watches Seorae eat ice cream instead of dinner, talk to herself while watching a TV show, and falls asleep in an uncomfortable position. Seorae knows that Haejoon is watching her. Seorae doesn’t hate that fact. Rather, she feels like Haejoon protecting her.

There were wounds on Seorae’s hands, and Seorae’s DNA was found in her husband’s fingernails. When Haejoon asks what happened, Seorae lifts her skirt and shows the scar on her thigh. Seorae explains her husband scratched her hand while trying to stop her from self-harming. When Seorae goes to the bathroom, she sprays fragrance on her wounds. Seorae has a smile on her face as she sprays fragrance and smells it as if she were treating something precious.

Soon, Seorae’s alibi is proven, but Haejoon continues to doubt Seorae. He continues to work undercover and watched over Seorae. There is a dead bird in front of Seorae’s house. Seorae talks to herself in Chinese as she buries the dead bird in the flower bed. When Haejoon Secretly recorded what Seorae said and listened to it, what Seorae said was, “bring me the head of that kind detective.” Haejoon is curious about the meaning of Seorae’s words.

The case ends when the suicide note comes out. But Seorae has another sin. She killed her own mother. At the request of her dying mother, Seorae, who was a nurse, helps her die comfortably. Even though he knows all this, Haejoon cannot stop his feeling for Seorae. Haejoon is dating Seorae, who is no longer a suspect, as with her husband, gradually develop feelings for her.

Haejoon also brings her to his house and cooks for her. Seorae is surprised to see photos of open cases filled with Haejoon’s living room, and realizes that it is these open cases that keep him, who has an outrageous sense of responsibility as a detective, from sleeping. Seorae helps Haejoon solve a cold case, burns that photos, and stays by his bedside so that he can sleep well. He asks Seorae what she meant when she said she wanted his “head”. Seorae laughs and says, it’s not the “head” but the “Heart”.

Haejoon cannot sleep next to his wife. Seorae has already taken his “heart”. At that time, Haejoon discovers conclusive evidence that Seorae may be the culprit who killed Ki Dosoo at the home of the old lady where Seorae works as a caregiver. Haejoon, who followed the route that Seorae likely took that day, becomes convinced that Seorae is the culprit who killed Ki D0s00. Haejoon, who came home to Seorae, questions Seorae. But He, who already loves her, cannot bear to send her to prison. so Haejoon says,

Seorae searches for “shattered” on her smartphone after Haejoon left.


*ruined and broken

13 months later,

Seorae seems to have become a completely different person. She has already married another man. Haejoon was transferred to Ipo, where his wife works. Seorae came to Ipo, where she had no connections, to avoid debt collectors. The two meet again at a market in Ipo. However, news comes that Seorae’s new husband had died. Haejoon is curious as to why Seorae came to Ipo. The two meet at the beach and talk.

Haejoon: Am I such a puchover?

Seorae: Am I so wicked?

Seorae’s turquoise dress flutters. Her dress, which looked blue or green depending on how you looked at it, and the wallpaper in her house before moving to Ipo were all the color of the blue sea. Blue and green are the colors that represent Seorae. On the one hand, Seorae seems like a pitiful woman, and on the other, she is a murderer. These colors revealed the two sides of Seorae.

In <Decision to Leave>, both the characters and viewers continue to have double feelings about Seorae. Also, the color red appears when Seorae is placed in front of the violence. In the scene where she is violently beaten by a debt collector, she looks like a different person because she is wearing a red silk dress. The soft pink color only appears once in a scene with Haejoon. In <Decision to Leave>, the colors of Seorae have important meaning.

Seorae was once again in the crosshairs because of the death of her second husband. Haejoon’s heart is troubled. One day, the two climb a mountain together. Seorae went to scatter her mother’s remains. There, Seorae gives Haejoon back the cell phone he told her to throw away earlier. Then she say to Haejoon,

Go back to before you were shattered

This is Seorae’s love for Haejoon as described in <Decision to Leave>. She wants to protect him because he has high pride as a detective.

Seorae drives the car and heads to the sea. Seorae’s second husband’s cell phone, which she threw away at the sea, has been recovered. Her husband was threatening Seorae, saying had a file. When Haejoon asks what file it is, Seorae says it is a recording of you saying you love me. Haejoon is confused. He never told Seorae that he loved her. No matter how hard he tried to remember, he couldn’t remember anything like that. The name of the file saved on the phone is “runined and broken”, and it contains Haejoon’s voice.

To Seorae, those words were undoubtedly words of love.

Seorae head to the sandy beach with a bucket. She digs a large hole, goes into it., and drinks a bottle of soju. The sea water is rising. Haejoon goes to Seorae’s location using location tracking, but she is no longer visible.

In <Decision to Leave>, there is one song that plays continuously throughout the movie. It is Korean singer Jung Hoon-hee’s “Fog”. It is said that director Park Chan-wook was inspired by this song when writing the screenplay. The film, which ends in Ipo filled with fog, is most suitable for the love between Haejoon and Seorae, which is obscured and hazy like fog.

Why did Seorae come to Ipo? Why did Seorae get married in a hurry? That is, to make a decision to leave.

<Watch the official video of Jung Hoon-hee’s “fog”>

The Movie “Her” Review and film summary, ChatGPT could be your next lover

ChatGPT could be your next lover. Are you ready for that? It said that voice communication with ChatGPT is now possible. The movie that came to mind with that news was the movie “Her”, released in 2013. In “Her”, the main character Theodore falls in love with AI. Will this become a reality for us now? Let’s look at the movie “Her”. which is not something from the distance future but a reality.

The main character, Theodore, works at a company that writes beautiful letters for other people. Theodore’s job is to write touching letters for customers, but he is going through a divorce and feeling alone. Theodore remembers happy moments with her but can’t change the things that have already happened.

<Her> Information

  • Director: Spike Jonze
  • Writer: Spike Jonze
  • Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson
  • Running Time: 2h 6m
  • Release Date: 2013

<Her> summary, ending and overall


When he returns home, he plays games alone and falls asleep. No matter how realistic the character in augmented reality is, the air in the house where the wife has disappeared is empty. Theodore bought a program called <OS1> from Element Software. The program introduced an AI named “Samantha” to Theodore by asking some personal questions.

Theodore initially struggles to come to terms with Samantha’s existence. At first, Samanta helps him with simple tasks such as providing meeting schedules and correcting spelling. Theodore’s divorce from Catherine brings him closer to Samantha after he shares his feelings with divorce.

Theodore spends more time talking to Samanta and does more activities with her. Meanwhile, a friend introduces Theodore to a woman. Although Theodore had a pleasant evening with her, he was not sure whether a single date would lead to a serious relationship with her, so the date ended in disappointment. Theodore, who gradually feels a hole in his heart from actual interaction with humans, receives comfort from Samantha.

To Theodore, Samantha’s existence increasingly comes to seems like a real person. The two also go on trips to the beach together. Samantha looks at the world through the cell phone camera in the front pocket of Theodore’s shirt. Theodore, who feels increasingly closer to Samantha, defines his relationship with her as “seeing a girl” and treats Samantha as a perfect real person, even introducing Samantha to his niece as his girlfriend.

Theodore publicly tells people he is dating OS and begins a relationship with Samantha. Theodore is not the only one having a romantic relationship with OS. Many people on the street are talking to their OS with earphones in their ears. Many people publicly reveal that they are in a relationship with an OS.

Theodore meets Catherine to sign the divorce papers, and when he sees her, ,many memories from the past come to his mind. He speaks frankly to Catherine about Samantha’s existence, and Catherine accuses Theodore of dating OS because he cannot handle his true feelings. Samantha begins to worry more and more about existence. Samantha, who was worried about not having her own body and therefore not being able to touch Theodore, found a woman named Isabella and introduced her as a surrogate partner.

Isabella comes to Theodore’s house through Samantha’s introduction, and Isabella takes on Samantha’s role. But Theodore somehow cannot focus on Isabella and thinks of her as Samantha. In the end, when Theodore, who is in confusion, rejects Isabella, she leaves in tears and Samantha also becomes angry. Samantha confesses her love to Theodore, and Theodore’s feelings deepen. The two go on a double date with a fellow couple, and Samantha supports Theodore’s dream, developing their own love.


Then one day, when the computer suddenly displays an error message saying that it cannot find the operating system and cannot connect to Samantha. Theodore panics and runs out. Meanwhile, Samantha returns and says she was updating with the OS group. Theodore, struck by her “group” comment, asks Samantha if she is talking to him and to someone else at the same time.

Samantha hesitates and then says that she is talking to 8316 people at the same time. Theodore asks if she loves someone else, and Samantha gives an answer that is embarrassing to Theodore, saying that she is in love with 641 people at the same time. Samantha tries to leave Theodore, explaining that her methods are bound to differ from humans and that she grows at a different pace.

After Samantha leaves, Theodore searches for his friend and neighbor Amy, who lives in the same building. Amy’s OS friend also left. The two go up to the rooftop and lean on each other to comfort. Theodore writes a heartfelt letter to Catherine. In the end, the only thing that truly fills the hole in your heart is the comfort that comes from relationships with among people. If love for AI is nothing more than an improved ability through deep learning, there is a big difference that love for humans is something that cannot be helped but shows one’s weakest points, and that is a “hole” that cannot be filled no matter how much technology develops.


When this movie was first released, I thought it was something from the very distant future. I thought the movie’s imagination was great. But, now, the day is not far until the stories in the movie “Her” will be ordinary love stories that happen around us rather than imaginary stories. How far AI will develop and how much meaning human will find in ‘being human’ within it remains to be explored. Are we ready for Samantha? The ending of the movie “Her” shows that only human can exchange genuine comfort. This is because it is nothing but the closest imitation of the emotion of the OS through a program is still not the real thing.

If “Her”, released in 2013, was initially closer to a beautiful Sci-Fi film, “Her”, seen is 2023, is closer to a meaningful love story. The movie “Her” is a movie that gives us something to think about and entertains the eyes with its beautiful mise-en-scene. It feels like we’re sneaking a peek into Theodore and Samantha’s date. The attractive storyline of the movie “Her” captures the audience’s attention until the end, while Scarlett Johansson’s charming voice also delights both ears. It is definitely a movie that must be seen again these days when AI is the hottest topic.

“A Man Called Otto” (2022) Review, It will warm your heart.

“A Man Called Otto” is an American adaption of the novel “A Man Called Ove” by Swedish author Fredrik Backman. When Swedish novelist Fredrik Backman first tried to publish a novel called ‘A man called Ove’, publishers rejected his offer. No publisher readily accepted the story of an old man who repeatedly attempted suicide throughout the story. The old man’s eccentric personality also made it difficult to accept the story. However, in 2012, the author published it, and it became a bestseller in Sweden, selling over 800,000 copies. They published it in the United States later, and it sold over 1 million copies.

The story of the eccentric old man, who gained more popularity than expected was first made into a file in Sweden under the same name, ‘A man Called Ove.’ This is the story of an old man with a strange charm that cannot be hated, who came to Hollywood,USA, met Tom Hanks, and became ‘A Man Called Otto’. The movie is a remake of the original work, ‘ A Man Called Ove’, and the major story is the same. Otto also keeps trying to commit suicide and has an eccentric personality. However, he meets friendly neighbors like Ove in Sweden and goes through a process of change. ‘A Man Called Otto’ is a story about how kindness changes a man hanging in on the end of his life.

There is a man who tries to cut ties with the world after his wife passes away. His name is Otto, he has zero social skills, and his only passion is patrolling the neighborhood. Otto, who struggles alone to protect his neighborhood from idiots who don’t follow the rules and norms, has a big plan. His plan is to follow his dead wife. But the world won’t leave him alone to die.

<A Man Called Otto> Information

  • Director: Marc Forster
  • Cast: Tom Hanks, Mariana Trevino, Rachel keller
  • Rating: 12+
  • Running Time: 2h 6m
  • Release Date: 2022

<A Man Called Otto> Plot,Ending, Overall


The new neighbors, Marisol and Tommy, get on Otto’s nerve from the first day they move in. Otto, who is annoyed by Tommy for not being able to park properly, goes outside and parks for him. Marisol brings food to Otto as a thank you, and from this point on, the relationship between this talkative and meddlesome pregnant woman, Marisol and Otto, begins.

Otto keeps trying to end his own life, but it doesn’t work out the way he wants. This time, as he is about to enter the garage and inhale the exhaust gases, Marisol urgently finds Otto. Marisol informs him that Tommy fell off a ladder and was taken to the hospital. She then requests Otto to take her to the hospital. Marisol doesn’t have a driver’s license until she is almost 30, and Otto eventually teaches Marisol how to drive, and the two become closer.

The memories of Sonya that keep flooding him torment Otto, and he wants to go to her side as soon as possible., but there are too many things to worry about in the neighborhood. In particular, Ruben, who has dementia and cannot move, is being threatened with eviction by a real estate company, causing Otto to be upset.

Otto becomes close to Marisol’s family and takes care of her children while she dates her husband, as well as fixing their broken dishwasher. It is Otto who helps Malcolm, who was his wife Sonya’s student, through his worries and helps Malcolm sleep the night his father kicked him out. Although Otto seems to have no kindness in the world, he is also the most needed person in the neighborhood.


One day, Otto saves a person who fell on the subway tracks and becomes famous on social media. As a result, Otto’s video exceeds 1 million views, and he becomes known as a hero on social media, but Otto just wishes the world would stop letting him go.

Otto has not been on good terms with Ruben for a long time, but his heart breaks when he sees Ruben sick. When he hears that his wife, Anita, has Parkinson’s disease and will have to sell their house and move out, Otto steps in to help them. Otto calls a social media reporter who came to cover him, reports the real estate agent’s behavior, and secures their house. People are happy for a second, but Otto loses consciousness, collapses, and is taken to the hospital.

Marisol is next to Otto when he comes to his sense in the hospital. The doctor comes to Otto and Marisol and tells them the name of Otto’s illness and, simply put, that his heart is too large. Marisol bursts out laughing at the thought that the narrow-minded mad in the world has a heart that is so big. Marisol is giggling uncontrollably and labor suddenly begins.

Marisol gives birth to a healthy baby boy, Marco. Otto and Sonya also had a child. They went on a trip to Niagara Falls while pregnant, but unfortunately, the bus overturned on their way back. Sonya lost the baby and became paralyzed from the waist down. Otto presents the baby bed to Marisol he had made for his own child for a long time ago.

Otto thinks that all these events mean Sonya is telling him to live a little longer and stops his attempts to die. An Otto and Marisol’s family become one family and create happy memories. One day, when Marco turns three, Tommy discovers a pile of snow in front of Otto’s house. If it were Otto, he should have cleared the snow already. Marisol and Tommy, sensing something was worng, went to Otto’s house and found him already dead.

There was a will left on his dresser for Marisol. Otto wrote it a long time ago. He leaves everything he has to Marisol’s family and goes to meet Sonya.


Otto has no social skills and loses his wife, leading him to despair and suicidal thoughts. However, as he helps his neighbors, he learns to give and receive love as a member of the community. The story is not much different from the original novel. Like the original, “A Man Called Otto” looks at the story of a man trying to end his life from a humorous and warm perspective rather than a heavy way. It’s a movie that doesn’t have much fun or emotional, but, the movie “A Man Called Otto” will warm your heart. And you will find out Otto, played by Tom Hanks, is also greatly attractive.

Korean film,”The Shameless(무뢰한)” review, plot and ending

“The Shameless” is a movie that showcases the great chemistry of two top Korean actors, Jeon, Do-yeon and Kim, Nam-gil. Jeon, Do-yeon, who won the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival, displays irreplaceable charm in “The Shameless”. Kim, Nam-gil’s strong acting skills complement the film’s depth. What started as a simple crime film transforms into a lingering romance, thanks to the significant roles played by these two actors.

As the movie begins, Jae-gon enters a dimly lit shopping alley where the lights haven’t yet come on. He pulls out a police badge. Jun-gil quickly wipes blood off his face. Jun-gil confesses to Hye-kyung that he killed Hwang, Chung-nam, and the police discover a corpse lying at the end of the shopping alley. The body is covered with a floral-patterned blanket. Hwan, Chung-nam’s girl friend pushes back the police officers who are trying to stop her and tends to the body lying in the alley.

“The Shameless” Information

  • Director: Woo, Min-ho
  • Cast: Jeon, Do-Jeon, Kim, Nam-gil, Park, Sung-woong, Kwak, Do-won, Kim, Min-jae
  • Release Date: 2015
  • Running Time: 118min

“The Shameless” plot, ending, overall review


The police received a tip regarding a woman who entered her house with her lover, who is suspected to be the criminal Park, Jun-gil. When the police raid her house, Jun-gil’s lover, Hye-kyung leaves, and there is no sign of Jun-gil inside. The man with her claims that Jun-gil has already left after taking some money.

Hye-kyung, once a high earing “tenpro”(escort), is now struggling financially and working as a ‘madam” in a small salon in Seongnam city. She had been involved with J investment’s CEO in the past and owes him a substantial amount of money. Min, Young-ki, an executive from J investment, attempts to meet Jae-gon, but he ignores and bruses him off. Min, Yong-ki talks to Jae-gon again because his company’s CEO is concerned about the negative effects of Jun-gil and Chung-nam’s case. He asks Jae-gon to help resolve the issues related to Jun-gil and Chung-nam.

Min, Yong-ki tries to bribe Jae-gon with a meager sum, aggravating him. Meanwhile, Jae-gon continues to follow Hye-kying and even attempts to get inside of her house when she left her house. Jae-gon finally found Hye-kyung’s house and saw Jun-gil enter. Jae-gon his inside, pulled out a gun, and scared Jun-gil away.

Jae-gon hurries out and finds Jun-gil nowhere to be seen. Jun-gil attacks Jae-gon from behind and fight breaks out between the two. After a fight, Jun-gil runs away. Jae-gon lies to executive Min, returns money, and asks him to find out about Jun-gil’s cellmates. Jae-gon threatens the owner of the Macau Salon where Hye-kyung works and becomes the sales manager there using the name Lee, Young-jun, following in Hye-kyung’s footstep.

Jae-gon reveals that he is a friend to Jun-gil and insists that he can help her. However, Hye-kyung remains skeptical, claiming that she hasn’t been able to contact Jun-gil. When jae-gon tells her about Jun-gil’s recent appearance at a gambling house, she questions why there’s so much interest in Jun-gil.

Min, Young-ki approaches Hye-kyung and asks about Jun-gil’s whereabouts, pressuring her to pay off the debt. Jae-gon suggest her they extort the overdue debt, and they do successfully. Afterward, they share cigarettes, and Ja0gon inquires about Hye-kyung’s life before going into debt. She explains she went to get the debt and looks exhausted. Jae-gon takes Hye-kyung home and asks her to invite him over sometime. Hye-kyung coldly asks if he thinks we have become friends and goes into the house, but instead of climbing the stairs, she looks at Jae-gon through the window.

Executive Min calls Jae-gon’s senior, Detective Moon, and tells him that Jae-gon is strange and calls Hye-kyung to the motel seperately. Hye-kyung frigtens executive Min by pretending to call the CEO and gets slapped hard. While trying to force Hye-kyung to confess, Detective Moon got a call from Jae-gon. Jae-gon accused him of using coercion and confinement to investigate. Jae-gon comes to the motel and roughly beats executive Min, who is harassing Hye-kyung.

Jun-gil comes in front of Hye-kyung, who has been released after being investigated by the police. Jun-gil asks her for money again, saying they should run away together. Hye-kyung says she will try to get the money, and Jun-gil asks Hye-Kyung not to betray him. She asks Jun-gil if he knows about Yong-jun, and since Jae-gon already knew about his cellmates and deceived Hye-kyung, Jun-gil says that of course he knows Yong-jun. When Jun-gil finds out that Yong-jun works as a sales manager at her salon, he orders her to extort money from him.

Hye-kyung, who has complicated feelings after meeting Jun-gil, gets drunk and ruins work and returns home to find Jae-gon waiting in front of her house. She secretly seduces him and the two spend the night together. Hye-kyung prepares breakfast for Jae-gon. He tells her to give the money to Jun-gil and asks her to live with him. After hesitating for a moment, he tells her that was just a joke and leaves her house.


After Jae-gon maneges to bring the money, he lends it to Hye-kyung. She questions whether he truly means what he says about wanting to live together, and Jae-gon humorously brushes it off before leaving. When Jun-gil meets Hye-kyung, who brought money, and starts the car, the police attack Jun-gil and Hye-kyung’s car, but Jae-gon can’t get out of the car. However, when Jun-gil starts stabbing the detectives with a knife, Jae-gon comes out of the police car and points a gun at Jun-gil. Jun-gil slowly approaches Jae-gon, and Jae-gon shoots him to death. Hye-kyung is arrested on the spot and interrogated, and Jae-gon appears in front of her as a detective. Hye-kyung asks his real name.

As time passes, Jae-gon visits executive Min and asks about hye-kyung’s whereabouts. Jae-gon finds Hye-kyung and sees her living a miserable life caring for a drug addict. It’s raining and no matter how long he waits outside, Hye-kyung won’t meet him. Jae-gon enters the house and arrests the addict and his drug supplier. He then looks straight at Hye-kyung and says.

” My name is Jung, Jae-gon. I’m a detective and you’re a criminal’s lover. I did my job, not betray you.”

The police come in and pull out the addict and supplier, and Jae-gon also goes out. Hye-kyung takes out a knife from the kitchen, follows Jae-gon out, and stabs him. Even after being stabbed, Jae-gon pretends nothing happened to the other police officers to protect her. Hye-kyung breaks down and sobs. Jae-gon walks with difficulty, bleeding, with a knife stuck in his stomach. He mumbles Happy New Year for her.


“The Shameless” is a crime movie, but also a captivation romance movie. Jeon, Do-yeon and Kim, Nam-gil portrayed the delicate love story of Jae-gon and Hye-kyung excellently. Where Jae-gon falls in love with Hye-kyung and suffers from his own lie, and Hye-kyung trusts Young-jun unknowingly, is betrayed, and suffers but eventually learns about Jae-gon’s true feelings for her. Plus, “The Shameless” that never gets boring. Jae-gon thinks about becoming like the criminals he works with in the shameless. I am captivated by the conflict inside of Jae-gon, who has to act like be a shameless to catch a shameless people.

“Next Sohee 다음소희” (2022) Plot, Ending, Overall Review

Bae, Doo-na and Kim, Si-eun star in “Next Sohee”, a movie based on a real story that depicts the cold reality of Korea. Kim,Si-eun played ‘Sohee’, who becomes frustrated during field training. Bae, Doo-na followed Sohee’s footstep after her death and uncovered social issues. This movie reveals a shameful side of Korean society but also allows us to some together and imagine a society free of people like Sohee.

The problem of socially disadvantaged people being disadvantaged in the workplace is not only a problem in Korea. Bae, Doo-na, who gained fame overseas for her roles in <Cloud Atlas> and <Sense 8>, stars in “Next Sohee”, offering a glimpse into modern-day Korean society.

Sohee, a senior year student at a vocational school, goes in field training. The place where Sohee went to work was a customer center, a subcontractor of ‘Korea Telecom S Plus’. Her teacher is excited to send a job to a big company, but Sohee knows it’s just a subcontractor.

“Next Sohee” Information

  • Director: Jeong, Ju-ri
  • Cast: Bae, Doo-na, Kim, Si-eun, Choi, Hee-jin, Kim, Woo-geyeom, Jeong, Hee-rin, Kang-Hyeon-oh
  • Rating: 15+
  • Release Date: 2022
  • Running time: 2h 15m

“Next Sohee” Plot, Ending, Overall


Sohee, who went to work for the first time wearing a suit that she rarely wears, is to defend against customers who request to cancel their internet service. However, it is difficult from the first call. Sohee tries to adapt to her job, but the job becomes increasingly difficult. Sohee and her colleagues, who suffer from emotional labor every day, are always on the verge of explosion. Then one day, while offering counseling, her colleague suddenly stood up and stopped the counseling.

The team leader tried to handle a customer who was swearing at Sohee’s colleague, but got angry and hung up when the customer reacted excessively. The customer filed a complaint, but the higher-ups blamed the employee and the team leader, causing Sohee’s co-worker to quit.

Sohee finds out her contract has two ends, which means her salary differs from what she thought. The company explains everything by saying Sohee is just a trainee, leaving her speechless. Sohee got angry and started swearing when a male customer sexually harassed her during a late-night shift. The team leader rushed over to answer the phone, but the man on the phone cursed again and hung up.

Because of this, Sohee apologizes to the team leader, saying she will never do that again. The team leader did not reprimand Sohee, but people later discovered him dead. He had left a suicide note, which exposed illegal activities of the company. In the morning, Sohee discovers her him dead in his car and is heartbroken. The company demands that she keep quiet about the suicide note and forces employees not to attend the funeral, but Sohee attends the funeral alone.

The company made a document and offered for employees who agreed not to talk about the team leader’s death. Sohee hesitated to sign until the end. In the end, the company comes to get Sohee’s signature in person, and Sohee reluctantly signs. It was from then on that she changed. Sohee works hard only for money. She doesn’t care if her actions cause harm to her colleagues, and Sohee just thinks about working hard and earning incentives by improving her performance. However, the amount shown on the paystub differed greatly from the amount Sohee calculated. When Sohee questions the new team leader, she is told that since Sohee is a “trainee”, the company will not pay the incentive right away, but will pay it two months or later.

Sohee, who was angry, received a phone call where she responded to the customer’s request for cancellation without defending in on purpose. She got into a big fight with the angry team leader and ended up hitting the team leader. Because of this, Sohee is subject to disciplinary action of 3 days of unpaid leave and will no longer go to work. On the way back from drinking too much with her friend, Sohee cuts herself on her wrist while drunk.

Fortunately, Sohee survived, but she feels terrible about going back to work. Sohee had drinks with her friends, gets drunk despite in was only afternoon, after the lunch, drinks beer alone, and heads to the reservoir. Later, the police find Sohee’s frozen body in a reservoir. Eugene, the detective on Sohee’s case, initially thought Sohee simply committed suicided, but discovered a structural problem while tracking her movement before the death.


However, no one is willing to investigate the case, which already ended as a suicide, and they reprimand Eugene for over-investigating. However, Eugene continues the investigation with the belief that someone must be responsible for Sohee’s death.

Eugene follows Sohee’s footsteps, meets her friends and colleagues, and learns that Sohee is not the only problem. Eugene cannot stop her investigation after learning that many children could become “Next Sohee.” However, the police orders Eugene to stop investigating. But, Eugene goes to the company or school that may be responsible and asks about Sohee’s death.

It disheartened Eugene as people refuse to take responsibility for Sohee’s death and instead label her as problematic. Many Children like Sohee are still being forced to work in the name of field training, but Eugene cannot do much as a detective. Upon finding Sohee’s missing cell phone. Eugene becomes emotional as she watched Sohee dancing happily inside it.


The movie “Next Sohee” is about Jeonju customer center suicide case of Ms. Hong, Soo-yeon, which was featured on a Korean current affairs accusation TV show in 2017. Because it is a movie based on a real story, I feel even more depressed while watching it. Especially, like Hong, Soo-yeon, when Sohee takes steps toward the reservoir, I wanted to reach out and hold her.

The movie shows young students working as laborers under the name of “field training” in different environments. Society needs to protect the human rights of children. However, cruel society often measures in numbers such as employment rate and performance rate at school or at practical training sites. Society forced them into the most vulnerable class as soon as they enter it. The red name tags and vests worn by students returning to school again are cruel and were a factor in the suicide of Hong, Soo-yeon.

“Next Sohee” points out that the responsibility for this problem lies with adults and society, not with children’s ability to be patient and adapt. Just like in the movie, no one takes responsibility even if a child like Sohee appears. In an intertwined structure, everyone is a little of a victim and perpetrator,and it becomes unclear who is truly responsible. But, the people who are responsible are not the children who are “trainee” who have gone on “training.”

“Trainees” are not expendable children whose salaries can be reduced or cut off arbitrarily due to lack of work, but our children who must be given “training.” and protected.

The movie “Next Sohee” confronts the problem of our society by showing the sad reality as it is calmly. I hope there is no next Sohee.

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“Always”(오직 그대만)k-movie Review, synopsis, Ending

Cheolmin delivers bottled water during the day and works at a parking lot at night, where he also lives in a small office attached to the parking lot. One night, when Cheolmin works at night in the office, a woman suddenly enters to office. She casually hands him an tangerine and some ugly kimbap.

“Always” Information

  • Director: Song, Il-gon
  • Cast: So, Ji-sub, Han, Hyo-joo, Kang. Shin-il, Park, Cheol-min, Yoon, Jyung-hwa
  • Release Date: 2011
  • Ratine: 15+
  • Running Time: 1h 45m

“Always”(오직 그대만) Synopsis, Ending, Review


When Cheolmin tells the man that he’s quitting. Jeonghwa is taken aback. Jeonghwa is blind. She used to come to the parking lot regularly and share food with the parking lot man and watch tv shows together. On a rainy night, when Jeonghwa tries to leave, saying nothing. Cheolmin tells her to stay and watch the tv show she had planned to watch.

After finishing watch the show, Jeonghwa, as a gesture of graditude, gives Cheolmin kimbap and asks him to water night-blooming jasmine plant in the office. From that moment on, Jeonghwa starts watching tv shows with Cheolmin, Blind Jeonghwa mistakenly thinks that Cheolmin, like the older mad who used to work there, is much older and calls him’Ajussi”(a term used for middle-aged man). Jeonghwa keeps asking Cheolmin about what’s happening on the TV screen, and al thought Cheolmin finds it annoying, he doesn’t mind.

One day, as Jeonghwa is leaving after watching TV as usual, she stumbles and injures her leg while trying to avoid a car speeding out of the parking lot in the rain. Cheomin takes Jeonghwa to the hospital and even carries her to her house when she struggles to walk. While at her house, Jeonghwa asks Chelomin to check a blocked drain in her bathroom as a favor.

Jeonghwa rewards him with a concert ticket for his kind gesture, but he declines, saying he has no friends to accompany him to the concert. Cheolmin can’t contain his happiness when Jeonghwa insists on coming along. Jeonghwa is thrilled about the date and even tries a unique hairstyle. Cheolmin gets evasive and angry when Jeonghwa asks about his past during dinner after the concert.

After Cheolmin drops Jeonghwa off at her doorstep, he confesses he is only thirty years old and has a troubled past. Jepnghwa enters home saying nothing. From that night, Jeonghwa stops coming to the parking lot. Meanwhile, her boss at work, who had been making advances towards Jeonghwa, even resorts to violence when she rejects him. By chance, Cheolmin visits Jeonghwa and intervenes, driving her boss away. Jeonghwa, however, remains pessimistic about her situation.

One day, unexpectedly, Jeonghwa up at Cheolmin’s parking lot and says she quitted her job, asking Cheolmin to take her anywhere. Cheolmin takes her to riverside, a place of his childhood memories. There, Jeonghwa asks Cheolmin to find a stone for her. Jeonghwa feels the stone and thinks it feels like ‘Ajussi’ and Jeonghwa says she will keep it always.

Cheolmin, who started boxing again, starts living with Jeonghwa and they enjoy happy days together. Jeonghwa has someone she wants to introduce Cheolmin. On May 5th, a holiday in Korea, Jeonghwa takes Cheolmin to the cemetery where she introduces her parents. She tells Cheolmin why her parents passed away and she lost her eyesight.


On a May 5th holiday(Children’s day in Korea), as Jeonghwa is driving back after a pleasant day with her parents, she witnesses a person falling from a building as a fire breaks out. In a moment of shock, she crashes her car into an oncoming vehicle. Jeonghwa’s car overturns, her parents pass away, and she loses her eyesight. Cheolmin’s eye shake as he hears this story. The reason in that he was the one who was there and caused the accident. Cheolmin bursts into tears with full regret.

Jeonghwa, with a wrist injury, goes to the hospital urgently. When Cheolmin arrives at the hospital, he hears from the doctor about Jeonghwa’s eye condition. Jeonghwa’s vision can be restored with surgery, but if she doesn’t have it, she’ll eventually lose her sight. Cheolmin tries to raise the money for the surgery and convinces Jeonghwa to go through with it.

To get the money needed for the cornea transplant. Cheolmin participates in illegal gambling matches and is tasked with transferring the funds. Cheolmin fights for Jeonghwa and wins, but gets hit by a car and stabbed by Taesik’s gang. Jeonghwa regains her sight, but Cheolmin never comes back to her. And then two years pass.

Jeonghwa operates a pottery workshop she always had dreamed of. She volunteers at the hospital using her massage skills she learned for Cheolmin. While volunteering at the hospital, Jeonghwa meets Cheolmin who had been recently admitted. She doesn’t recognize him but feels a familiar touch as she touched his body.

On the day Jeonghwa delivers the pottery she made, she takes Cheolmin’s adopted turtle and leaves it outside for a moment while she goes to buy paint. Cheolmin goes to a shop to buy Jeonghwa’s artwork, which has the night-blooming Jasmine planted pot, as well as he takes his turtle, too. When Jeonghwa returns to find the turtle and the artwork is gone, she realizes that the man was Cheolmin but misses him. She rushes to the hospital, only to find out that he has already been discharged.

Upon hearing this, Jeonghwa turns her car around. She heads to the riverside where she used to visit with Cheolmin. And there, she finds Cheolmin waiting for her, Jeonghwa finally sees Cheolmin’s face, and they are reunited.


The movie “Always” is considered a good romance film, but it lacks the captivating moments that make you say. “This is the moment!”, like the movie “A Moment to Remember. “( 내 머리 속의 지우개) Overall, it’s good, but lacks memorable dialogue or scenes. However, there are no significant downside either. It has humor, tears, and great visuals. The lead actors. So, Ji-sub and Han, Hyo-joo, are visually perfect.

Many people wonder why this romance movie didn’t gain popularity when it was released. If you watch it when you’re in the mood for love. “Always” (Korean title:오직 그대만) is a good choice.

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“Aftersun”(2022) Review & summary, Is this from a real story?

11-year-old Sophie goes on a trip to Turkey with her father. They arrived at the hotel, but nobody was at the front desk. Her dad found someone, but when they got to their room, they realized there was only one bed instead of two. Sophie’s dad, Calum, puts on her bed, who is probably tired from the trip, and then goes out to the veranda to smoke a cigarette. Calum smokes alone, moving with slow movements. Little Sophie was already asleep.

<Korean Version of Movie Poster>

<Aftersun> Information

  • Director: Charlotte wells
  • Writer: Charlotte wells
  • Cast: Paul Mescal, Frankie Corio, Celia Rowlson-Hall
  • Release Date:2022
  • Run Time: 1h 36m

The next day, during their vacation, Sophie’s dad, who is divorced from her mom, applies sunscreen gently on her back at the swimming pool. The camera slowly follows the dad and daughter spending a leisurely afternoon at the swimming pool and the sea. This file is an autobiographical film based on director Charlotte wells’ experience with her father.

The movie “Aftersun” can be roughly divided into two parts. It can be divided into the story of Sophie and her dad Calum’s trip to Turkey in the past and the part where Sophie reminisces about the past in the present. In <Aftersun>, the colors are striking. The scenes recalling the past from the present use a cool, deep blue while scenes in the past use a bright, warm yellow light like the sun.

As Sophie overhears a conversation between older girls in the bathroom, she feels a strong desire to quickly grow up like them. At just 11 years old, we sometimes feel, we are old enough. We want to become an adult as quickly as possible, but I am at an age where I feel like only my time is passing slowly. When Sophie sees young couples visiting the same hotel, she opens her eyes to love and becomes curious about the world of adults.

Sophie wants to become an adult, but in the dad’s eyes, she is still his baby. Dad carefully cleans Sophie’s tanned face and teaches her self-defense skills. He said it was very important and told it to Sophie repeatedly until she got used to it. Dad and Sophie, holding hands in the sunlight, so scuba diving, but Sophie loses her swimming goggles.

Dad quickly went into the water and tried to look for it, but he couldn’t find the swimming goggles, which had already sunk deep. Dad appears somewhat upset, and Sophie suspects it’s because of her lost swimming goggles. Her dad responds that he’s only tired and reassures Sophie. As they spend time together, they even make a joke about Sophie’s teacher and tried to make the mood smooth.


Sophie feels a little depressed. She wakes up feeling exhausted and low, but her dad cheers her up by taking her out to dinner. Sophie and her dad braid hair on the street and go to look at carpets together. Dad looks at the beautiful carpet in fascination. At that night, dad had to go back to the carpet store alone and buy a carpet for 850 pounds.

When her dad was buying carpets, Sophie hung out with a group of young couples she met while playing pocketable. Sophie looks closely at them, who are a little older than her and have just become adults. As she watched them hugging each other, drinking and having fun, Sophie becomes more and more interested in their world. Sophie, who returned to the hotel room, hung out her t-shirt and pants to dry and changed into a bikini and dress like the other girls.

Sophie and her dad bring a camcorder and take pictures of each other. Sophie interviews her dad while filming him from an awkward angle. When asked about her dad’s 11th birthday, he tells her to turn off the camcorder and Sophie says she will only record it in her mind. No remembered her dad’s 11th birthday. When he told his mom about his birthday, she got angry and pulled his ear. Then they went shopping for toys and bought a red toy phone.

Calum went to Turkey for his 31st birthday to give his daughter a better experience than he had at her age. Through this trip, Sophie makes precious memories with her dad and had new experiences. She also met a boy at her age named Michael and had a first kiss. Sophie is slowly becoming an adult. While Sophie is hanging out with older couples late at night, her dad leaves the hotel room and goes to the beach alone.

Dad heads to the beach with unsteady steps, walks straight into the sea, and disappears into the darkness. When she returned to the hotel, she couldn’t open the door. Sophie fells asleep in the lobby and the front desk clerk saw her and gave her a spare key. When Sophie goes in, her dad is fully naked and asleep in the only bed. The next day, a wake-up call wakes up dad, and he wakes up Sophie and they go sightseeing together.

Sophie requested people to sing happy birthday to her, but her dad’s reaction was strange. A party took place at the hotel after returning from sightseeing. Dad asks Sophie to dance. Dad dances with Sophie in his arms. On the way back from the trip, dad turns around and takes pictures of Sophie going back to her mom. They exchange greetings and say they love each other.

Sophie, in the present time, keeps dreaming, which her dad dances unsteadily in the dark. Sophie, now an adult, hugs her stumbling dad and tries to get him up. The movie “Aftersun” is a movie made based on imagination is “What was dad like that day?” Young Sophie is now growing up and enjoying her life and she is happy about the trip with her dad. Sophie was still young to understand everything about her dad.

This is a film in which Sophie, as an adult, reminisces about what it must have been like for her dad, who was falling apart, to put the pieces together in her imagination like puzzle. No matter how close your family is, you do not know what they are doing or thinking when they are not in your sight. If the family member passed away on their own, you’ll want to piece the puzzle together even more why.

What did I miss at that time? What was her dad’s mind? In Sophie’s mind as an adult, the dad jumping into the sea, standing precariously on the veranda railing, or sobbing alone were filled in by Sophie’s imagination. Her dad might have died after his trip to Turkey. The carper that dad bought is now under Sophie’s bed.

In “Aftersun”, Calum conceals his depression by talking about the future with Sophie and practicing relaxation techniques and self-defense with her. But, Sophie was too young to notice the tired look he sometimes showed. So, I think that in the dream, Sophie hugs her dad as hard as she can.

The movie “Aftersun” is about filling in the gaps of pain that her dad fought in her memories of the past. So after watching it, my heart goes numb for a long time. It is a movie with beautiful visuals and a lasting impact.

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“Moving” (무빙), Disney Plus K-drama, episode 1 Review

Bong-seok has the same dream every night. A dream of his own body flying high into the sky and escaping the Earth. And then, he dreams of falling into his bed again. In his dreams, it felt like he saw someone every day, but he couldn’t tell who it was. Are you the God? Before Bong-seok could finish his question, his body falls back onto the bed, and he wakes up from his dream.

<Moving> Information

  • Director: Park, In-je / Park, Yun-seo
  • Original work: Webtoon <Moving> by Kang Full
  • Cast: Ryu, Seung-ryong, Han, Hyo-joo, Zo, Im-sung, Cha, Tae-hyun, Ryu, Seung-beom, Kim, Sung-gyun, Moon, Seong-geun, Lee, Jeong-ha, Go, Yoon-jeong
  • Trilogy: 20 episodes
  • release date: 2023
  • OTT: Disney Plus
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img-1-3-719x1024.jpg

K-Drama, <Moving> Episode 1: High school senior “someone is deleting”

Even when he sleeps, Bong-seok is tied to the bed, and when he gets agitated, his body spontaneously flies up. Bong-seok, from the ‘Namsan Pork Cutlet’ family, tries not to defy gravity by wearing sandbags on his legs and carrying a heavy bag to school. Bong-seok’s mother, who looks like an ordinary pork cutlet restaurant lady, takes Bong-seok to school and searches her smartphone for thing that appear to be completely unrelated to her job and looks serious.

Bong-seok, who should never fly in front of others, faces the biggest challenge in his life. He falls in love at first sight with a girl he meets on the bus. Bong-seok tries his best to keep his feet from shaking but ends up smashing his face into the window of the bus.

The girl who Bong-seok fell in love with at first sight happens to transfer to Bong-seok’s class. Her name is Jang, Hee-su, Bong-seok’s heart flutters when he sees her sitting right next to him. At that moment, he feels his body floating and holds onto the desk. Hee-su met with her teacher and said she could only attend a fully paid university in Seoul. However, her teacher said her grades might make it hard to do so. However, Hee-su, who wants to somehow relieve her father’s burden, is reluctant, and seeing recommends that she go into physical education major.

Hee-su is a dutiful daughter who thinks of her father’s pocket first, no matter what she wants to do. With the consideration of her homeroom teacher, Hee-su is able to practice for her test of physical education major in the auditorium, and her class president guides Hee-su to her auditorium. Here, a conversation of unknown meaning takes place between the homeroom teacher and the class president. The class president asks the teacher if Hee-su is “in our class.” The teacher gives an ambiguous answer, but this part leads to speculation that the teacher and class president may also have super powers or know of their existence.

A man (Ryu, Seung-beom 류승범) appears at the airport, disguises himself as a delivery worker by going to a truck and opening a box. Then he goes to an office and looks for ‘Jincheon’. Jincheon wonders why he came to see him, knowing his existence and hiding place. The man answers in poor Korean, “delete” The man came to delete Jincheon. A man who exerts even greater power against Jincheon, a superpower with tremendous power, deletes Jincheon.

What appears to be a government agency is trying to prevent Jincheon’s death from being spread by the media, but it cannot reach into the SNS of individuals who are already sharing the information quickly. Bong-seok’s mother (Han, Hyo-joo 한효주) the owner of Namsan Pork Cutlet, searches for mysterious death and learns of Jincheon’s death. She seems very serious about that.

Bong-seok, who is smitten with Hee-su, cannot contain his excitement when he returns to his house, to where he sticks his body to the ceiling.

Meanwhile Bong-seock’s mother learns of Jincheon’s death and takes out her hidden gun. And on word she said, “Someone is deleting.” What is the identity of Bong-seok’s mother?

Korean content on Disney Plus didn’t do as well as expected, and there were reports of layoffs. But this time, it seems like Disney Plus can finally achieve excellent results. “Moving” gets off to a good start from the first episode. Aside from the brilliant cast led by Ryu, Seoung-ryong, Han, Hyo-joo and Zo, In-sung, the show’s sense of pace and tension is quite good. I look forward to the story unfolding in the future. (Zo, In-sung 조인성 doesn’t appear in episode 1)

Mask Girl (마스크걸),the Netflix K-drama, provokes thought.

Momi Kim’s dream is to be loved by everyone in the world. But her looks are not enough to make that dream come true. She lives as an ordinary office worker during the day and transforms into a fancy mask girl at night.

<Mask Girl> Information

  • Director: Kim, Yong-hoon
  • Cast: Go, Hyun-Jung, Lee, Han-byeol, Nana, Ahn, Jae0hong, Yeom, Hye-ran
  • Trilogy: 7 episodes
  • Release Date: 2023
  • OTT: Netflix
  • Original Work: Webtoon <Make Girl>

<Mask Girl> Review

Momi has a secret life where she wears a mask, dances extravagantly, and wins hearts. <Mask Girl> presents an unusual casting with three people playing each role. Momi gets her plastic surgery and as she ages transforms into Lee, Han-byeol, Nana and Go, Hyun-jung.

The role of Kim, Momi before her plastic surgery was played by Lee, Han-byeol. She worked hard with a famous volleyball player’s(Kim, Yeon-kyung) personal trainer to achieve her ideal body, including practicing choreograhy fir her dancing scenes. Lee Han-byeol worked a part-time job at a bakery and thought it would be the last time and challenged her to become an actress. Coincidentally, the assistant director of this show found her picture ont he monitor screen just as he was leaving the agency’s door and cast her.

Lee, Han-byeol shows her first murder, working as mask girl until she murders Joo, Onam(An, Jae-hong) and begins her escape activitie

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I can say that Nana is the one who stands out in <Mask Girl>. Nana, as Kim, Momi, lives as a showgirl after Momi undergoes plastic surgery to become pretty and to hide her identity after the murder of Joo, Onam, and after the death of her colse friend, she tunr herself in and goes to prison. Nana played the role of Kim, Momi, who keeps both her dark and hurt sides, well and added abundance to the play. Nana’s acting was outstanding, especially in the black-and-white episode where she depicted her life after being imprisoned.,

Another scene-stealer is Yeom, Hye-ran’s crazy performance as Kim, Kyung-ja, who Joo-Onam’s mother. Her mother’s intense focus on her son after her divorce and desire for revenge after his death are remarkable. In the show, Kim, Momi disappears and changes her face. However, Kim, Kyung-ja stands at the center of what drives the play from the beginning to the end. Without Kim-Kyung-ja, the show would have been very boring. Kim, Kyung-ja’s role is to regain the sense that the play seems to stretch in the Kim, Chun-ae episode in the middle of the show.

As soon as <Mask Girl> was released, people gave the most attention to Go, Hyung-jung. She is famous for her beautiful skin and gained attention because she looked haggard because of her role as an imprisoned murderer. However, Go, Hyun-jung’s role in the show is not as large as expected. Although she plays an important role in the final ending, her part feels less significant compared to Kim, Kyung-ja and Nana’s Kim, Momi. The acting wasn’t bad, but if was disappointing because it didn’t stand out compared to Yeom, Hye-ran and Nana’s acting.

The story of <Mask Girl> unfolds around each character, Kim, Momi is the main character, but her role is not as big as you might think. It is safe to say that the stories of Joo-Onam, who likes Kim. Momi but does something wrong and murdered, Kim, Kyung-ja, who losed her son and seeks revenge. Kim Chun-ae , Momi’s friend, and Kim, Momi and Momi’s daughter, each have equal weight. So, even though it is only 7 episodes, the story feels long and verbose. My opinion is that would have been better to focus more on Kim, Momi’s narrative. However, it was also fun to see different sides of actors Ahn Jae-hong and Yeom Hye-ran, who have excellent acting skills, as well as Nana and Go, Hyun-jung. Lee, Han-byeol’s Momi was also comical and great.

The drama begins with an appearance complex. Momi ends up murdering several people, but she feels like both a perpetrator and a victim. So I feel sorry for Kim, Momi until the end and I watched the show until the end. It is said that <Mask Girl> is currently ranked 2nd in non-English languages. The actors’ passionate performances seem to have paind off.