K-drama, CASTAWAY DIVA Ep 1, summary, review

The TV show ‘Castaway Diva’ (무인도의 디바)is gaining attention thanks to Park Eun-bin, who previously played a lawyer with autism in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’. “Chumsan Island”, which is the back ground of the show, is not an actual place name and is said to have been filmed not in one place but in several islands around Namhae Sea in Korea. In episode 1, the child actors portray Mo-ha leaving Chunsam Island and getting stuck on an uninhabited island.

Main Character

Character Name: Seo Mok-ha

starring: Park Eun-bin

Inside the fish tank VS outside the fish tank

Mok-ha and her friend Young-ju search the entire school search of ‘Go A-ra Phone (Cell Phone that was popular between teenager at that time). Mok-ha, who forgot to charge her cell phone when she had to answer an important call. hurriedly searched for someone who has the same phone as her, and discovers that Ki-ho, as classmate, has a ‘Go A-ra Phone’. Mok-ha urgently asks Ki-ho to lend her a battery, but Ki-ho immediately asks her to pay him 1,000 won (approx . 1 dollar)

Mok-ha almost cry and Ki-ho had no choice but lends her his battery. Mok-ha succeeds in making a phone call with Yoon Ran-joo, a singer she admires. Out of joy, she cries and says that she had nothing more to wish for. After hearing this, Ki-hi grumpily takes his cell phone away and hangs up.

Mok-ha is upset that she cannot sing with Yoon Ran-joo because of Ki-ho. She is planning to take the UCC for an audition, but she doesn’t have a digital camera to take a video. When she asked her classmate, he told her that Ki-ho owns a digital camera and is also a high-quality photographer and editor.

Mo-ha, who really wants to film her own music video, hesitates , but gives Ki-hp 10,00o won(approx. 10 dollars) and asks him to produce the video. When asked about his thought after filming the music video, Ki-ho responds that it was unexpected. Ki-ho tells her that those words are a kind of compliment. In Ki-ho’s eyes, Mok-ha seemed like a bright child with no worries or tears, and every time he saw Mokha like that, he got irritated.

Ki-ho who saves money without his father’s knowledge and tried to run away from home many times, has a secret. Ki-ho’s father appears to be a good police officer on the outside, but when he comes home, he mercilessly beats young Ki-ho. To escape his father, Ki-ho tries to work, but on the small island, the news is immediately relayed to his father, and he is once again abused by his father.

Mok-ha’s situation is quite similar. While Ki-ho saw Mok-ha as bright, Mok-ha’s father, who owns a sushi restaurant, drinks after work and does not hesitate to physically assault Mok-ha. He destroys Mok-ha’s precious guitar, destroys their household, and abuses her. Eventually, unable to bear it any longer, Mok-ha reports to the police, and Ki-ho, who stops by the restaurant during her absence at school, sees her bruised arms.

Ki-ho learns that Mok-ha had the same pain as him.Mok-ha is about to give up on the video audition, but Ki-ho applies for the audition instead of Mok-ha. After watching the video, Yoon Ran-joo falls in love with Mok-ha’s voice. Finally, Mok-ha, who was selected in the audition, receives a call from Ran-joo’s manager. Ki-ho happily shares the news with her, but Mok-ha decides not to go to Seoul out of fear for her father.

Ki-ho feels sorry about Mok -ha’s decision and gives Mok-ha a map tp get to his house. If her father hits her again, he tells her not to go to the police station but to come to his house. Ki-ho tells Mok-ha that he will take her to Yoon Ran-joo.

On the night when the rain is pouring down, Mok-ha’s father is drunk and comes looking for Mok-ha, and Mok-ha locks the door and is trembling in fear. As his father shakes the door more violently. Mok-ha escapes the house through the window and goes to Ki-ho’s house. Ki-do quickly takes out the bag he had prepared and leaved the house with Mok-ha.

Ki-ho calls Yoon Ran-joo’s manager, Seo-jun, and makes an appointment to meet him at the Seoul station. He takes Mok-ha to the port to catch the first ship at 7o’clock. In the early morning, a neighbor who saw Mok-ha and Ki-ho at the port contacted Mok-ha’s father. Mok-ha’s father, who was furious upon learning that his daughter had disappeared, droves his truck roughly and headed toward the port.

Ki-ho sees Mok-ha’s father approaching the ship and comes out to stop him, leaving Mok-ha alone on the ship. Mok-ha’s father gets angry when he sees Ki-ho blocking him and beats him relentlessly. Ki-ho, who had been blocking the ship until the end, only lose consciousness after seeing the ship departs.

As the ship departs, Mok-ha’s father appears in front of Mok-ha, who is crying while looking at photos of Ki-ho’s bruises. She saw his father and begins to run away from place to place on the ship to avoid her father. Mok-ha, who kept running away, ends up clinging to the end of a difficult situation and jumps into the water to avoid he father, and her father also jumps in with her to catch her.

Ki-ho, who regained consciousness in the hospital, is upset when he hears that Mok-ha has falled in the sea and is being searched, but the situation is difficult because of thick fog. At a time everyone thought Mok-ha was dead, Mok-ha washed up on a deserted island and was sending out SOS signal. Just as she was thinking about spending just one day without her father, her father’s body was swept away right in front of her eyes.

Time continues to pass, and Ki-ho continues to wait at Seoul station, where Mok-ha was spposed to meet Yoon Ran-joo’s manager. Meanwhile, Mok-ha as adjusting to life on deserted island and living bravely alone. Then one day, a drone suddenly appears in front of her.