The Movie “Her” Review and film summary, ChatGPT could be your next lover

ChatGPT could be your next lover. Are you ready for that? It said that voice communication with ChatGPT is now possible. The movie that came to mind with that news was the movie “Her”, released in 2013. In “Her”, the main character Theodore falls in love with AI. Will this become a reality for us now? Let’s look at the movie “Her”. which is not something from the distance future but a reality.

The main character, Theodore, works at a company that writes beautiful letters for other people. Theodore’s job is to write touching letters for customers, but he is going through a divorce and feeling alone. Theodore remembers happy moments with her but can’t change the things that have already happened.

<Her> Information

  • Director: Spike Jonze
  • Writer: Spike Jonze
  • Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson
  • Running Time: 2h 6m
  • Release Date: 2013

<Her> summary, ending and overall


When he returns home, he plays games alone and falls asleep. No matter how realistic the character in augmented reality is, the air in the house where the wife has disappeared is empty. Theodore bought a program called <OS1> from Element Software. The program introduced an AI named “Samantha” to Theodore by asking some personal questions.

Theodore initially struggles to come to terms with Samantha’s existence. At first, Samanta helps him with simple tasks such as providing meeting schedules and correcting spelling. Theodore’s divorce from Catherine brings him closer to Samantha after he shares his feelings with divorce.

Theodore spends more time talking to Samanta and does more activities with her. Meanwhile, a friend introduces Theodore to a woman. Although Theodore had a pleasant evening with her, he was not sure whether a single date would lead to a serious relationship with her, so the date ended in disappointment. Theodore, who gradually feels a hole in his heart from actual interaction with humans, receives comfort from Samantha.

To Theodore, Samantha’s existence increasingly comes to seems like a real person. The two also go on trips to the beach together. Samantha looks at the world through the cell phone camera in the front pocket of Theodore’s shirt. Theodore, who feels increasingly closer to Samantha, defines his relationship with her as “seeing a girl” and treats Samantha as a perfect real person, even introducing Samantha to his niece as his girlfriend.

Theodore publicly tells people he is dating OS and begins a relationship with Samantha. Theodore is not the only one having a romantic relationship with OS. Many people on the street are talking to their OS with earphones in their ears. Many people publicly reveal that they are in a relationship with an OS.

Theodore meets Catherine to sign the divorce papers, and when he sees her, ,many memories from the past come to his mind. He speaks frankly to Catherine about Samantha’s existence, and Catherine accuses Theodore of dating OS because he cannot handle his true feelings. Samantha begins to worry more and more about existence. Samantha, who was worried about not having her own body and therefore not being able to touch Theodore, found a woman named Isabella and introduced her as a surrogate partner.

Isabella comes to Theodore’s house through Samantha’s introduction, and Isabella takes on Samantha’s role. But Theodore somehow cannot focus on Isabella and thinks of her as Samantha. In the end, when Theodore, who is in confusion, rejects Isabella, she leaves in tears and Samantha also becomes angry. Samantha confesses her love to Theodore, and Theodore’s feelings deepen. The two go on a double date with a fellow couple, and Samantha supports Theodore’s dream, developing their own love.


Then one day, when the computer suddenly displays an error message saying that it cannot find the operating system and cannot connect to Samantha. Theodore panics and runs out. Meanwhile, Samantha returns and says she was updating with the OS group. Theodore, struck by her “group” comment, asks Samantha if she is talking to him and to someone else at the same time.

Samantha hesitates and then says that she is talking to 8316 people at the same time. Theodore asks if she loves someone else, and Samantha gives an answer that is embarrassing to Theodore, saying that she is in love with 641 people at the same time. Samantha tries to leave Theodore, explaining that her methods are bound to differ from humans and that she grows at a different pace.

After Samantha leaves, Theodore searches for his friend and neighbor Amy, who lives in the same building. Amy’s OS friend also left. The two go up to the rooftop and lean on each other to comfort. Theodore writes a heartfelt letter to Catherine. In the end, the only thing that truly fills the hole in your heart is the comfort that comes from relationships with among people. If love for AI is nothing more than an improved ability through deep learning, there is a big difference that love for humans is something that cannot be helped but shows one’s weakest points, and that is a “hole” that cannot be filled no matter how much technology develops.


When this movie was first released, I thought it was something from the very distant future. I thought the movie’s imagination was great. But, now, the day is not far until the stories in the movie “Her” will be ordinary love stories that happen around us rather than imaginary stories. How far AI will develop and how much meaning human will find in ‘being human’ within it remains to be explored. Are we ready for Samantha? The ending of the movie “Her” shows that only human can exchange genuine comfort. This is because it is nothing but the closest imitation of the emotion of the OS through a program is still not the real thing.

If “Her”, released in 2013, was initially closer to a beautiful Sci-Fi film, “Her”, seen is 2023, is closer to a meaningful love story. The movie “Her” is a movie that gives us something to think about and entertains the eyes with its beautiful mise-en-scene. It feels like we’re sneaking a peek into Theodore and Samantha’s date. The attractive storyline of the movie “Her” captures the audience’s attention until the end, while Scarlett Johansson’s charming voice also delights both ears. It is definitely a movie that must be seen again these days when AI is the hottest topic.

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